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Our consulting team maintains an online presence and supplies an immediate response to any urgent necessity or external trigger.

Select an appropriate decentralized technology for your business model or ICO with our evaluation of the pros and cons in terms of security, performance, and scalability. Applicature will help deliver a stunning conceptual design customized to your needs: architectural specifics, DApps logic, smart-contract requirements, and more.

It is vitally important to reveal the interactions between all technical phases throughout implementation. A step-by-step description of smart-contract and DApps workflow in your documentation will supply your arsenal with cogent resources and ensure delivery of solutions in lean time.

We identify business requirements and analyze business processes with flowcharts to enhance trustworthy performance based upon decentralized technologies.

A business plan is an essential component of any product or ICO definition, and serves to outline the milestones of your project’s development. To reassure potential investors and users, you need to be armed with the comprehensive art of motivation, and know how to operate within a decentralized environment to protect your business from all risks related to the distributed ledger and blockchain technology.

Your project needs a marketable, branded document with an intelligible description of token economy, business logic, and a technical solution for your product. The document must provide answers to dozens of questions from all stakeholders: potential users, technology experts, investors, blockchain enthusiasts, etc.

Blockchain is a robust technology with its own strict rules of implementation that cannot be amended for the sake of any party. It requires appropriate considerations for implementation from a list of various technologies. To ensure system operability and efficiency, it is also required to generate an overall architectural concept of the entire solution that contains all on- and off-chain elements.

Blockchain injection into established businesses is not just about funds collection via ICO. Distributed technology allows you to access new market advancements, but like any other disruptive technology, it does more than influence the structure of business models.

Distributed-technology implementation requires a full transformation of your business processes. Our Consulting team will support you with strategy, consulting experience, and deep knowledge of technology stack.

This is a custom service to help you embrace the opportunities of blockchain. PoC is a tangible solution for the validation of technical feasibility; system integration of estimation of purpose, expectation, and effort; and identification of performance issues for ultimate project development.

Proof of Concept is a project to implement the most critical and essential functionality while providing projected business results. Proof of Concept will be a multicomponent solution containing:

– discovery and roadmap
– business case for implementation
– business flow identification and detalization
– development of user story and platform logic
– training and support

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Our Process


Not all solutions require injection of the public blockchain or creation of a utility token, and not all elements of business are worth migrating on distributed rails. Our team specializes in identifying case requirements separating out areas appropriate for blockchain injection.


The consulting team identifies the most appropriate distributed technology solutions such as: a public blockchain-based solution, a hybrid solution with the same type of sidechain, or even a multi-blockchain solution in which several technology types are combined to achieve business goals.


Dealing with blockchain requires knowledge of its nuances. Our blockchain consulting services team aims to support our clients throughout their journey with consultations on technology issues, approaches to token economics, and even business process development.


Deliverables at the consulting stage are a core requirement for Smart Contracts, PoC development, and MVP discovery process. Describing results in White and Yellow papers allows creation of fundamentals for further project development.

Insights from our Consulting Department

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Our Core Team

Ihor Bauman

Head of Consulting Department

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Having worked for years at PricewaterhouseCoopers as a consultant in advisory services, Ihor gained profound experience working on numerous projects in a range of industries: logistics, energy, the financial sector, retail, and the public sector across CEE region. He is an effective working unit who can help you with strategic and operational advice, blockchain architecture development, smart-contract business logics, token modeling, digital transformation, technical requirement development, and white-paper preparation, from scratch to the “ready-for-market” stage.

Pavlo Klokov

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With vast experience working with ICO launches, crypto-trading, and workflow management, I am always ready to guide projects and provide consultation through the development stage. My goal is to provide as much knowledge and assistance as possible with regard to smart-contract implementation, white paper and business-plan development, and solutions to various financial and economic issues in all types of industries.

Olga Hryniuk

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With my experience working with the Applicature blockchain agency, my aim is to assist startups and companies interested in blockchain technology implementation. We can help you decide which strategy is the best match for you, starting with the choice of blockchain platform and up to (and including) the marketing promotion strategy.

Case Studies

Technical Concept, implementation of ERC721 tokens for Gaming Business Case
Blockchain Development
Conceptual Blockchain Design, Infrastructure Coaching
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