Blockchain Proof of Concept

Let our experience of 10+ ICOs work for you now!

This is a custom service to help you embrace the opportunities of blockchain. POC is a tangible solution for the validation of technical feasibility; system integration of estimation of purpose, expectation, and effort; and identification of performance issues for ultimate project development.

Blockchain networks we work with:

Name Language Dev. State Consensus ERC20-compatible
Ethereum Go | Rust active PoW yes
Raiden Network and State Channels for Ethereum Python active - -
Exonum Rust raw but active custom no
Hyperledger Fabric Go active pluggable no
Bitshares, Steem, Smart Media Token C++ DPoS no
Tendermint Go active BFT PoS no
Omisego NA PoS yes
Lisk NodeJS little doc DPoS (ref Bitshares) no
Stratis C# little doc
Golem Python little doc
Hashgraph NA custom (proven async BFT) no
EOS wasm DPoS, TaPoS yes
NEO C# active custom no
Tezos OCaml


You need a solution that will optimize resources using the benefits of data availability and new technological approaches to business. Our experienced developers offer the following stages of work:

1. Discovery and Roadmap

This first phase reviews your business processes. Together, we’ll co-creatively decide which of them to include in our blockchain project. At the end of this phase, we’ll generate a roadmap for the project.

2. Interaction Flows and Skeleton / Prototype

At the early stage of implementation, our development team provides detailed insights into the framework. A software prototype is elaborated to validate key technical and business case assumptions.

3. Proof of Concept Implementation

Our developers will generate a technical architecture document and specs that cover the overall architectural schema, considerations for blockchain implementation, and visual wireframes for a basic version of user-facing applications.

Proof of Concept is a multi-component solution containing:

  • a blockchain-based distributed server-side data storage/data bus
  • centralized or decentralized business logic applications, or smart contracts
  • a critical-version mobile user application
  • a critical-version user-facing dashboard web application

4. Test Coverage

The technical feasibility project is used to prove technical assumptions and validate the risks standing between us and successful final proof of concept.

Within the technical feasibility project, we will deploy selected blockchain candidates and run all necessary tests to confirm a match with our criteria.

5. Deployment, Training, and Support

At the end of this phase, we carry out research on the top candidates for blockchain deployment and provide a list of blockchain platforms.

We advise and guide you throughout the process, offering technical assistance so you can focus on your business goals.