Applicature Supports Global Blockchain Forum Taking Place in the Heart of Silicon Valley

The Global Blockchain Forum, a panel discussion event, will be held April 2-3, 2018 in Santa Clara, California. During the two days of the forum, all attendees will have the chance for intense involvement in blockchain technology, including disruptions, investment strategies, and transformations.

Applicature is proud to be a partner at the event. The following numbers testify to its tremendous scalability:

  • 2000+ attendees
  • 70+ speakers
  • 50+ companies
  • 110+ partners

The list of the speakers is overwhelming, and is not limited to blockchain innovators, founders, investors, executives, and entrepreneurs. At the Global Blockchain Forum event, panelists will present transformation strategies, the latest innovations in blockchain, and investment opportunities. Here they are:

Speakers at the Global Blockchain Forum

The blockchain economy is becoming involved in all major industries on a global basis, simplifying many complicated procedures. Discussions will be devoted to blockchain in the banking system, healthcare transformation, real estate, food, retail, the supply chain, and many other areas. There will also be panels on tech subjects: blockchain perspectives, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, and augmented reality.

Applicature will ahve a booth at the forum. Don’t miss the chance to become a part of the blockchain world and profoundly investigate future perspectives for your business. Find more information and get tickets at the official website.

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