Find Applicature on ETHlance

Find Applicature on ETHlance


Find Applicature on Ethlance – the first job market platform that works entirely on the Ethereum blockchain and there are no fees included except small gas fees. It establishes connections between an employer and a freelancer directly, so you can just send a proposal for a job or accept one. Just install the MetaMask Chrome extension or Ethereum’s Mist browser, and you are halfway there.

About Ethlance

Ethlance was founded by Matus Lestan on January 29, 2017, and is considered to be the first decentralized zero-fee marketplace. It is a district on the District0x network which sold 600 million of its tokens during the ICO and received over 43 thousand Ethers from over 2 thousand contributors.

At Applicature, we focus on blockchain and smart contracts for industry solutions, provide technical advisory for ICO, ERC20 smart contracts, smart contracts audit, fully fledged technical support for ICO: ICO website, GitHub repositories, smart contracts, security, payment gateways, strategic design of blockchain-based infrastructure, set up and develop blockchain, cryptocurrency trading, exchanges, payment gateways, wallets design and implementation.


When using ETHlance, one can arrange the search according to the rating of employer’s company, higher payment, long-term or short-term projects, estimate the level of experience. The team predicts a couple of app releases such as Whisper app that will help users with the messaging.

About Applicature

Applicature’s team members have previously gained 100% job success score on Upwork – experienced with freelance platforms, we communicate with our clients directly on skype, for tasks management and code sharing – JIRA, bitbucket, we are available at any time, for your convenience.


We offer you our guidance throughout technical issues of ICO & Token smart contracts, so you can focus on your business goals. The phases of our support are the following:

  • Conceptual token design;
  • Smart contracts development;
  • Auto tests;
  • Customer experience testing;
  • Acceptance and review;
  • Deployment;
  • Support.
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