ICO Cabinet

ICO dashboard solution to organize your ICO
15 ICOs serviced

$150M+ raised by our clients

50 ICO consultants & developers

Resilient Blockchain Cluster

Proven ICO Contribution Flow

Keep things simple! With our self-explanatory user interfaces, contributions require only a couple of seconds to be fulfilled.

Payment Processing

One key element of every successful ICO campaign is the flawless contribution management of received funds and allocated tokens. We have developed a solution that helps you receive funds from major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin, but also FIAT contributions and other ALT-coins.

KYC / AML Integration

Manage your users intuitively with Multivest Pro. We have created a suite that helps you separate trustworthy users from ones who might get you in trouble. Use our existing solution, or integrate with third parties easily.


Contributors Engagement

Keep your contributors up to date with our messaging service! Communication is crucial both during and after your campaign. Integrate your current communication tools such as Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, and much more—or use our solution as a standalone communication center between your clients and yourself.

Bounty Consulting

Bounty campaigns involve the blockchain community and reward it for completing different marketing tasks. Our ICO marketing firm is experienced in providing unique consulting on bounty programs through smart contracts in a trust-based, decentralized manner. Bounty programs are the zest of an ICO project, and motivate the audience toward PR promotion in exchange for tokens.

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