ICO Setup from A to Z

Let our experience of 10+ ICOs work for you now!

ICO and ERC20 Tokens

Based on experience of dozens of ICOs

Applicature provides full cycle technology support for your ICO, from conceptual token design and ICO smart contracts to website deployment and maintenance of infrastructure for your product and ICO campaign.


Strategic Technology Design

Under the current market situation, your project may be successful in ICO if it is related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency, and its business model and principles comply with what is considered a common standard in the community. We review companies’ business models and help them adjust / pivot their business towards the growing blockchain ecosystem.

Token Concept Design

The more your business logic execution relies on smart contract the more interesting your project is for the community. We help companies find the right angle of using blockchain and implement the smart contracts respectively. We design fully comprehensive technology specification and architecture charts, provide your development team training and support your marketing team to get handy with the technological pivot.

ICO Smart Contract Design

We help companies with:

  • Co-creation of conceptual design of their token sale terms
  • Design of PreICO and ICO smart contracts
  • Testing of smart contracts and deployment of infrastructure

ICO Website Development

If you need purely technical services that part is easy, you can send me your ICO terms and token mechanics and we will be able to schedule the works to start soon.