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Applicature has been providing Blockchain and smart contract solutions worldwide from our earliest days and assisted in the technical organization of more than 20 ICO projects that have raised over $200 million.

Applicature is at the forefront of Blockchain innovation and has inside access to top Blockchain and crypto projects. We provide and control the platform or custom software development for companies to execute their business vision.

  • Subscription
  • Hand picked projects
  • No commitments
  • Your individual decision
Pool Deals
  • Invitations on selected syndicate deals
  • KYC and investment criteria apply
  • Protection with escrow transactions
  • Participation as a limited partner
  • Full access to acceleration process
  • Proprietary liquidity management


Accents is Applicature’s service of selection of startups delivered via email to subscribed users.

We do not necessarily have any influence over the companies listed via Accents.

You can sign up with Accents at:

Pool Deals

Occasionally we announce investment syndicates to fund selected projects Applicature has been working on, where investors can act as a group.

We call such opportunities Pool Deals.

They carry privately negotiated discounted prices and other preferences.


Applicature is at the forefront of Blockchain innovation and has the inside access to top crypto projects.

Join Accelerator as a limited partner / contributor and join the world of cutting edge opportunities!

  • Identifying and accepting fundamentally game changing projects
Key Concept
  • Hybrid equity and token venture capital investing, dollar cost averaging, phased exit through cryptocurrency trading
  • Distributed geographically agnostic
Key Approaches
  • Hands on Approach
  • Business planning
  • Assistance in execution
  • Extensive marketing help
  • R&D acceleration
  • DAICO approach
  • The funds get released in portions required to achieve milestones
  • Fundamentally strong and promising projects with either bright leaders or beaten up teams, or both
Accepted Companies
  • Projects that introduce game changing features on targeted markets with a mix of DLTs already existing on the market
  • Previous experience in the space required
  • $500,000 entry check
  • Accredited investor or institution
  • Smart money
  • 0.2% monthly management fee
  • You receive 80% from profits upon exit

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.