Applicature  focuses on:

  • blockchain and smart contracts for industry solutions;
  • technical advisory for ICO;
  • ERC20 smart contracts;
  • smart contracts audit;
  • fully fledged technical support for ICO: ICO website;
  • GitHub repositorie;
  • security, payment gateways, strategic design of blockchain-based infrastructure;
  • cryptocurrency trading, exchanges, payment gateways, wallets design and implementation.

Online workshops: Adopt blockchain with Applicature.

We offer:

Online workshops are convenient and cost-saving programs. The course is quality-oriented, made up with individual approach and guarantees your success. The best way to optimize your work is to start from online workshops which are adopted for companies who want to reach transparency in their business.

If your company is on its stage of developing and growing, you are engaged in international financial transactions, so blockchain payments will be easier for your business and for your customers. Blockchain technology is also the best way to prevent your data from hackers and to keep it safe.

Workshop Agenda

  • Introduction to Blockchain.
  • Blockchain in your industry.
  • Typical blockchain project implementation.
  • Organizational readiness for blockchain.

All Services

Available Online Workshops

2-hour workshop – $750

4-hour workshop – $1500

To become a participant of our online workshop, the candidate has to send us the main information about his company, main values and goals, also his expectations from the workshop. It is necessary to point out your experience in implementation of blockchain technology if there is one. After that, we arrange the workshop exactly for your company to be carried out.

Core Part Of Workshops

A core part of the workshop includes:

  • Introduction to Blockchain;
  • Review of the company’s business details and where the blockchain can be applied;
  • Groupwork: Implementation of blockchain in details: participants will be split into groups and they will provide their vision of blockchain implementation.

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