Applicature provides smart contract development services. We develop highly secure smart contracts to launch ICO projects to cover your customized needs. We help startups implement blockchain technology, ensuring security with our software. If you need help implementing your token distribution logics, business behavior, and storage in a decentralized way, the Ethereum ecosystem is the way to go. We can help with smart contracts performing at all stages.

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Our Approach

…is based upon satisfying your requirements, and we’re focused on your success. Our goal is to craft the best working solutions for you, with secure, resilient code and unit tests covering all cases. With the comprehensive combination of our interaction, support, and previous experience, you will feel comfortable in the fulfillment of your business goals.

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Smart Contract Phases

Our dedicated team will guide and maintain support for businesses throughout all phases of smart contract development, from goal-setting to deliverables, plus the documentation necessary for completing the processes.

Conceptual Token Design

We conduct co-creative sessions and follow-up conversations through Skype, Telegram, and other channels to define requirements in depth and improve token concept by identifying weak spots and risks.

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Smart Contract Implementation

We create smart contracts in the Solidity programming language. According to the Token Specification Document, they are secured and fully functional, compliant with ERC20 specs.


Smart contract audit and auto-testing are allocated to secure proper execution of smart contracts and protect them from mistakes during logistical changes. This stage is developed in the Truffle framework.

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Customer Experience Testing

At this phase, our smart contract development company ensures optimal user experience for contributors, reviewing wallet behaviour and making any necessary adjustments.

Acceptance and Review

A video conference call will present the deliverables and help you build an understanding of the ERC20 token.

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Our smart contract developers can help you deploy smart contracts, provide instructions for the contracts, and/or deploy and transfer ownership to your Ethereum address.


Our professional agency maintains an online presence and supplies an immediate response to any urgent technical necessity or external trigger.

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