Programmable Escrow

milestoneBased enable any business to create a financial plan of milestones and fund the execution of the plan in the strictly programmed way milestoneBased deploys milestone plans on smart contracts which eliminate human intrusion and ensure the flow of funds according to was agreed, programmed and auditable

Designed for the entrepreneurship


Empower your incubatees with the proven startup frameworks and incentive schemes!


Impress your investors with financial roadmaps simple to commit to.

Crowdfunding Projects

Boost your project transparency and make it a no-brainer for supporters to back you!

Angel Networks

Outperform the market with easier fund syndication, safer investing climate and higher capital efficiency

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Social & Charity

Researchers from Villanova University found that charities earning a seal of transparency gained an average of 53% more contributions one year later.

Publicly Funded Projects

MilestoneBased is perfect for initiatives where transparency and public control is of essence!

Loan Syndication

Coordinate multi-party loan or funding syndication

MilestoneBased Frameworks

In the world of “smart money” there’s abundance of money... And transfer of wisdom is the bottleneck.

MilestoneBased unites investors, entrepreneurs and advisors aligning their commitments and investments around clear milestones.

Milestone Types

Use existing templates or create your own behaviors

Voting Based
Voting Based

Milestone funding release by the vote of designated voters.

Time Lapse
Time Lapse

Assignees can withdraw funds over time, with or without the cliff.


Escrow funding released to par any other source of revenue.


Helps maintain ratio between various categories of spendings such as marketing, sales, R&D, and admin.

Conditional Funding
Conditional Funding

Funding gets released upon a confirmation from external data source.

Deal Staking
Deal Staking

Prove your intent in a large deal through the escrow. Applicable for M&A, arts and collectibles etc.

Here’s how it works:

Project founders create roadmap consisting of multiple milestones

Every milestone, with its timeline, budget and details, gets set up as an immutable record on smart contracts, which makes it impossible to tamper with.

It’s immutable, auditable and no human can tamper with it

The key business logic is performed on the blockchain through smart contracts. It’s practically impossible to modify or change the previously made record, and the flow of funds take place in strict accordance to the previously programmed algorithm.

Investors make their decisions based on designed roadmap

Because MilestoneBased’s a programmable escrow, not only it’s safe, it offers multiple ways for project founders and investors align their incentives. Investors are easier to commit if they feel safe and have their capital covered!

Investments sit in the smart escrow

Once the project is funded, majority of the funds sit in the programmed and audited smart escrow which cannot be broken into.

E-signature Voting Platform

Approve milestones, open new stages of funding and vote for any other governance decisions. Voting Platform includes:

  • Registry of signatures, capturing the presence of the voters in the immutable way
  • Cryptographic Voting System that ensures one-time voting and prevents any fraud or misuse.

Funds are withdrawn according to the designed roadmap

Benefit number one is you get the safety of funds and minimize the risk of funds mismanaged. Going further though, having shorter milestones and clearer checkpoints motivates the project founders to be more agile and produce results quicker. Something we have learnt from most successful startup gurus!

  • Research under the name ” Disentangling Crowdfunding from Fraudfunding” states that in total 207 fraud startups were raising though Kickstarter and Indiegogo between 2010 and 2015.  Authors claim that “After excluding suspended, cancelled, and failed projects (in terms of reaching goal amounts), our data show that more than $27 million was successfully raised by fraudulent campaigns“.

  • Forbes states: In an informal survey of 192 people, only 20% agreed with the statement, “The ‘crowd’ does an effective job of preventing fraud and abuse on crowdfunding sites.”

  • Businessinsider reports  about 12 startups that failed in 2018 and took $1.4 billion in VC funding with them

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