Your Customized Dashboard for a Successful Token Offering

Our full-fledged optimized solution only requires a few clicks and a couple of seconds.

TokenGear is a full-fledged solution for the customized launch of token offerings with a user-friendly configurative interface, scalable payment system, and KYC verification system.

TokenGear Features

  • KYC

    Prevent illegal misbehavior with KYC/AML providers.

  • Transaction History

    Get the full picture of transaction details with TXHashes.

  • User Management

    Check out our multitude of additional modules for better user engagement, marketing analytics, and team organization.

  • Contribution Flow

    Your payment procedure is facilitated by flawless management of received funds and allocated tokens.

Contribution Process within a Few Seconds

  • 1

    The user chooses the payment options

  • 2

    TokenGear generates the transaction data

  • 3

    The tokens are sent to the user's wallet

Projects Participated

Case Studies

Marketing and Token Launch
Blockchain development

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The mission of MilestoneBased is to revolutionize the venture capital industry improving its efficiency with the help of cutting edge tech such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, digital signatures, and cryptography.

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Here’s how it works:

Founders add a list of milestones

The user has the ability to view project milestones in order to reduce the risk of inadequate funds while a smart contract makes transactions safe and easily trackable for both investors and founders.

KYC Verification

KYC Verification

With KYC integration functionality, the system ensures the selection of trustworthy contributors. Choose a third-party provider, or verify users manually.


The TokenGear platform offers multiple payment methods to facilitate the payment procedure for each user. Your user can choose the option that suits them best: cryptocurrency, FIAT, the Shapeshift payment method, bank wire transfers, or payment-processing companies.

FAQ & Contact Integration

Users can choose an appropriate means of communication with the team. FAQ and contact integration are alternatives for support and interaction between parties.

Smooth contribution management

Project members can analyze the current situation by viewing analytical data with statistics, diagrams, and charts reflecting contributions according to distribution in coins, tokens sold, etc. 

View full transaction history

Get a picture of who contributed to the project and when. Admins are also granted the right to download CSV files for analysis and assessment of data. This option allows viewing of statistics for further analytical research based upon transaction completeness.  

Look & Feel

Customize the project environment on the platform according to your vision, taste, and mood. With custom interface functionality, admins are able to integrate a landing-page website with TokenGear contribution dashboard.

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