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Business Plan Development

Business plan is on of the most important internal document which governs the whole Token Offering program, sets the roles, responsibilities, desired goals and outcomes, strategy and tactics to achieve those results. It also includes participation with your team on the immersion sessions to provide a better comprehension of the rules of crypto economics and the ecosystem.

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Business plan blockchain development

Whitepaper Development

White Paper is the main investor-facing document, it is crucial elaborate upon it from business and technical point of views. We are working together to define business model, financial projections, overall architecture design, token economics modeling and help adjust/pivot your business toward the growing blockchain ecosystem.

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white paper ICO
onboard marketing blockchain

Marketing Onboarding

First impression is 50% of the success. For a fundraising we have to make sure that a company meets all market requirements and matches the patterns that are expected from investor’s community. About 130 items of a check-list will build the right image of an industry experts ready to onboard and nurture the community.

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ICO marketing

Marketing Implementation

We define what combination of solutions and approaches are going to work for a company to reach the set goals. We also define what is definitely not going to work and eliminate those actions. Making a perfect prescription of an effective and cost-efficient campaign.

After the image is built we are already building our clients’ communities of supporters, early adopters, clients or investors. Using approaches tailored specifically for a certain target audience we aretargeting to get customer acquisition cost as low as possible, letting our client get the most out of the marketing budget. Traffic, PR, community management, SMM, crowd marketing, content, inbound and many other tools are professionally handled in-house by the team of experts.

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Smart Contract Creation

We work upon design and deploy smart contracts for your Token Offerings and any other purposes. Smart contracts are developed in accordance with our guidelines including the following phases:

  • token-concept design
  • smart-contract development
  • auto-test development
  • manual customer experience testing
  • security and master report

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smart contract

Tokengear + Features Overview

Applicature defines your whitelisting and contribution requirements and provide customization of Applicature Multivest Pro and deploy it for your tokensale needs. The code of the software will remain Applicature’s property. You will have the right to use the product for your tokensale.

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tokengear blockchain development
mvp development cryptocurrency

MVP Development

For providing the community and investors with some proven understanding of the product itself, it is essential to demonstrate at least some basic version. Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a clickable, fully-functional demo that highlights our value proposition and key visualizations (steps) that document our resolution of flow/money/compliance issues.

Want the MVP that suits your business the best? It’s not the problem – we gather all business requirements and assumptions to develop the efficient solution and meet high requirements of the crypto community.

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post ICO team

POST-Token Offering Marketing

If we take a look at most post Token Offerings, it is easy to notice that their token price drops down after the Token Offering is over and the product is rarely delivered. The company life after Token Offering requires to keep a sustainable interest. By that the token will be driven to keep or even gain certain level of value and bring potential new revenue streams. The commmunity management and new leads generation is crucial as meanwhile the product is being built, there will be a traction. Even if the money collected through Token Offering is not enough to deliver by the end of the day, a product with strong community and a list of potential customers will help to raise additional institutional funds.once the product launched we are excited to cover all branding, lead generation, SMM, community nurturing, Guerilla campaigns, email marketing and everything else a successful company needs for marketing side.

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