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About Us

We partner with our clients providing full service blockchain development, marketing, funding, key relationship development, and advisory services to accelerate growth. Since 2017 companies have trusted us for MVP development, token economics and launch, security audits, and introductions to our large community of top Launchpads, influencers and investors.


To drive the humanity to benefit from distributed technologies in all areas of life.

Growth Story

  • 2010

    First Digital Assets Exchange

    Ian Arden wrote the digital currencies exchange, which was so popular it exceeded envisioned peak loads in its first month of existence.
  • 2011

    Applicature is Conceived as a Brand

    A new brand focused upon innovative technologies.
  • 2012

    Ian Meets Andrew

    Ian and Andrew met to work together, and have since worked on multiple high-complexity projects and prototypes for new companies.
  • 2015

    First Smart Contracts

    Andrew wrote one of the first smart contracts on the Ethereum network. He used undocumented capabilities of Solidity before they were discovered by the masses.
  • 2017

    Applicature Launched

    Applicature helps multiple clients take first-mover advantage building their tech, their communities, and influence in early ICO space, with a compound raise of approximately $200 million.
  • 2018

    Expansion into San Francisco and Silicon Valley

    Applicature expands its presence across the US, while simultaneously growing its consulting, R&D, and marketing offices in Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.
  • 2018

    Crypto Winter Starts

    We learned operational strength, became better advisors to our client partners, and we learned how to read market cycles.
  • 2019

    Creation of Tokengear and milestoneBased

    After early ideation and development, we launched prototypes forTokengear and milestoneBased
  • 2020

    Creation of Furuensu

    After early ideation and development, we launched the prototype for Furuensu
  • 2021

    Establishment of Mempool Ventures

    Crypto Venture Capital firm, also working with Applicature partner clients, focused on innovative technologies at the genesis stage.
  • 2022

    Launch of Audit services

    Vidma is our company providing smart contract audits and other audit services.

Our Team


Ian Arden T

Ian Arden

Co-founder and CEO

Ian Arden is a serial entrepreneur that has been in the blockchain industry since 2010 and started Applicature in 2017. Besides managing the company, Ian coaches companies and helps strategize tokenization, growth and funding across various industries. He is the founder of multiple companies, a product developer, an investor, and a thought leader and speaker on various industry topics.

Andrew Zubko T

Andrew Zubko

Co-founder and Ideologist

Andrew has a long background in the blockchain industry and started Applicature in 2017. He is an ideologist of Applicature’s products and forms the agenda for technical innovation in the company. He advises clients on the most complex blockchain and cryptography solutions.

Executive Team

Roxy Zakharuk T

Roxy Zakharuk


Roxy has extensive experience setting up operational frameworks and contributing to operational growth management of blockchain companies at various stages. She has held multiple operations, coordination, project management, advisor and sales roles for emerging companies. She is also COO of several of Applicature portfolio companies.


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