About Us

Applicature is blockchain development agency.
Our cohesive team works on projects in blockchain industry implying development of smart contacts;
research, deployment, and customization of blockchain solutions; technical advisory to blockchain companies and technical consultancy on token offerings.


To drive the humanity to benefit from distributed technologies in all areas of life.

Growth Story

  • 2010

    First Digital Assets Exchange

    Ian Arden wrote the digital currencies exchange, which was so popular it exceeded envisioned peak loads in its first month of existence.
  • 2011

    Applicature is Born as a Brand

    A new brand focused upon innovative technologies.
  • 2012

    Ian Meets Andrew

    Ian and Andrew met to work together, and have since worked on multiple high-complexity projects.
  • 2015

    First Smart Contracts

    Andrew wrote one of the first smart contracts on the Ethereum network. He used undocumented capabilities of Solidity before they were discovered by the masses.
  • 2017

    Applicature Official Date of Creation

    Applicature helped its clients take first-mover advantage in the ICO space, with a compound raise of approximately $200 million.
  • 2018

    Expansion into Silicon Valley

    Applicature expanded its presence across Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., simultaneously growing its consulting, R&D, and marketing offices in Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.

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Executive Team


Ian Arden

Co-founder and CEO

Ian Arden is the co-founder and CEO at Applicature. Besides managing the company, Ian coaches blockchain companies and helps strategize tokenization across various industries.

Andrew Zubko

Co-founder and an ideologist

As a co-founder and an ideologist of Applicature’s products, Andrew Zubko forms the agenda for technical innovation in the company, and advises clients on the most complex blockchain and cryptography solutions.


Evan Chi

Business Development Director

Strategic alliance specialist and creator of award winning brands. Has held coding and technical roles assisting companies like Intel, HP, Sony Vaio, and Capital One. Well known formula retail figure instrumental in creating 2 award-winning F&B brands expanding to over 50 locations in 4 countries. Has spent the last few years evaluating the impact of Blockchain technology on various verticals.

Mike Hendley

Business Development Director

Mike Hendley is a blockchain business strategist, cryptocurrency analyst, and former cryptocurrency portfolio manager for high net-worth individuals. He entered the Ethereum Classic movement in 2016 by founding etcminer.com. He served as Director of Investor Relations as well as the Lead Cryptocurrency Analyst at xCoins, a leading global bitcoin exchange located in Santa Monica, CA. His creativity in terms of business development and strategy, focus on pragmatic and cogent partnerships, and passion for blockchain and distributed ledger technology makes him a sought after contributor in the space.

Heads of Departments

Ivan Novosiolov

Head of Marketing Get in touch

Ivan has over 10+ years marketing experience. Successful campaigns and strategy implementation in multiple various industries. One of the creators of cyclable marketing for tech companies.

Aleen Fitio

Head of Human Resources

The main goal of HR is to create a strong culture and efficient environment to help employees feel themselves at work, be continually motivated & to inspire them to manage their careers to the ultimate levels of success. Aleen has deep experience in HR management, organizing, development and training, specializing in event management, social activities and consulting of the HR department. Allen supports the company’s total operation in meeting its goals, proactively providing comprehensive HR services to employees in a timely, caring and respectful manner. Believe: It is important when every good conversation starts with listening. When people are listened and emotionally invested, they want to contribute.

Nazar Khrupalo

Head of Sales

Nazar is a blockchain enthusiast with personal involvement for over 20 Blockchain Projects. Blockchain Business Specialist that helped more than 20 Blockchain Projects. Sales Specialist with over Decade of experience in Sales and Business Development. Sales&Management Lead, leading the team of 10 experienced Business Development and Sales Specialists for multiple businesses. Market Launch Strategy & Advisory support for over 30 projects.

Executive Team

United States

Silicon Valley

Washington D.C


Kyiv city


+1-209-813-2474 |  123 Mission St, San Francisco
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