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Services we provide

  • Consulting

    • White paper development & Design
    • Audits
    • Token modeling & economics
    • Conceptual blockchain design
    • Product discovery
    • Strategic advisory
    • Roadmap development
    • One-pager creation
    • Tokenization strategy
    • Blockchain product development
  • Blockchain Development

    • Blockchain infrastructure setup & monitoring
    • Smart-contract development & audit
    • MVP
    • PoC
    • Blockchain integration into existing systems
    • Legacy system migration
    • Blockchain solution certification
    • Blockchain trainings & coaching
    • Agile development coaching
    • Technical due diligence
  • Business Development

    • B2B relations development
    • B2X(exchange) relations development
  • Marketing

    • Marketing strategy development
    • Marketing materials
    • Video production
    • Public relations
    • Traffic campaigns setup & management
  • Investor Relations

    • Enterprise innovation acceleration


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TokenGear is a full-fledged solution for the customized launch of token offerings with a user-friendly configurative interface, scalable payment system, and KYC verification system.

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The mission of MilestoneBased is to revolutionize the venture capital industry improving its efficiency with the help of cutting edge tech such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, digital signatures, and cryptography.

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