A Competitive Edge for Your Business with Smart Contract Implementation

Applicature will automate your business processes by utilizing first-class solutions: architectural design, technical development, and optimization of smart contracts.

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Our Blockchain Expertise Includes:

Applicature provides smart-contract development services. We develop highly secure smart contracts to launch token-sale projects and enterprise-level blockchain initiatives to cover your customized needs. We help companies implement blockchain technology, ensuring security with our software. If you need help implementing your token-distribution logics, autonomous business flow, and immutable storage in a decentralized manner, the blockchain ecosystem is the way to go.

Here’s How Your Business Can Benefit

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  • Trust

    Participants in the decentralized peer-to-peer network can build trust through smart-contract end-to-end visibility of transactions in real time within the synchronized ledger.

  • Transparency

    Transaction history is available to everyone in the network. With consensus protocol in place, data cannot be amended without participant confirmation.

  • Costs Savings

    Smart contracts are autonomous and independent, providing the opportunity for reduction of delays and transaction costs.

  • Fast-Speed Operations

    Since smart contracts are self-executed, it takes very little time to perform the transaction.

  • Accuracy

    With pre-written logic, smart contracts are highly accurate, eliminating manual errors.

Our Smart-Contract Development Process

Roles Involved
Client Brief
Clarification of requirements and platform discussion
Client, PM, development team
Smart-Contract Development
Development + clarification, if needed
Smart-contract developer
Smart-Contract Review
  • Review by Solidity developer
  • Review by lead Solidity developer
A smart-contract developer (who didn't develop this smart contract) provides feedback on possible weaknesses
Deploy in DEV/STAGE environment
Smart-contract deployment on the test ETH network (Rinkeby)
Smart-contract developer
Master Report Generation
Master report for the smart contract containing all smart-contract logic
Deploy in PROD environment (ETHscan)
  • Smart-contract deployment (on ETHscan)
  • Deployment (front-end/back-end)
Smart-contract developer
Deliver Code to Client
Can be delivered by file or directly to the client repository
PM, smart-contract developer
Applicature Smart-Contract Audit
  • Review by Solidity developer
  • Review by lead Solidity developer
  • A final report with results
PM, Solidity developer, lead Solidity developer
Third-party Smart-Contract Audit
Should be provided by a third-party company
Third-party provider

We deploy smart contracts on the most advanced blockchain networks


Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Burrow




Explore Blockchain Use Cases Across Industries

Banking & FinTech
Supply Chain & Trade

Banking & FinTech

Blockchain has the potential to completely change the financial transaction processing cost model. It also enables all processing to be done over a distributed system network or in the cloud, thereby avoiding the use of costly data centers or mainframes.

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Supply Chain & Trade

Boost your SCM efficiency with decentralized technology. The new era of technology allows you to refine your product-realization transparency, sustainability, traceability, process, and provenance tracking system.

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Leverage blockchain and transform your media niche with streamlined, upgraded workflows. We have a solution for all your pain points: royalty payments, intellectual property rights, intermediaries controlling revenue, etc.

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By building web and mobile medical applications, you gain the ability to authenticate and validate your medical transactions and payments. We can help aggregate patient history into a single true database, ensuring transparent medication tracking.

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The legal sector, once disrupted by smart contracts, will face an essential shift in the generation of legal agreements due to the elimination of intermediaries. Businesses tend to embrace blockchain because it offers opportunities for streamlining legal operations without high expenditures or bureaucracy.

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Real Estate

Stay up to date! Your traditional assets can now be substituted with ownership tokenization to increase their liquidity and simplify trade procedures without the involvement of intermediaries. Blockchain will open the gates to investors by offering transparent data.

Digital property records ensure that ownership will be facilitated by honest players, thereby lowering barriers of entry for potential investors.

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Blockchain’s decentralized ledger offers safe and secure storage of your digital assets. Increase the value of virtual items by saving money payment processing and reducing lost revenue.

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Capital Markets & Exchanges

Bring in transparency and trust in the exchange market with an automated surveillance system. With the blockchain network, transaction settlements will be lightning-fast due to decentralized regulation that eliminates counterparties. Financial institutions will be able to optimize their infrastructure with faster post-trade events.

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Real Estate
Capital Markets & Exchanges

Our Solutions


TokenGear is a full-fledged solution for the customized launch of token offerings with a user-friendly configurative interface, scalable payment system, and KYC verification system.

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The mission of MilestoneBased is to revolutionize the venture capital industry improving its efficiency with the help of cutting edge tech such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, digital signatures, and cryptography.

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Marketing and Token Launch
Blockchain development

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