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Explore Blockchain Use Cases in Healthcare

  • Tracking the Drug-Supply Chain
  • Secure Clinical Trials
  • Patient Data Management
  • Tracking the Drug-Supply Chain

    There are many opportunities to fight counterfeit drugs, reduce operating costs, streamline processes, eliminate duplication of work, and improve transparency in the healthcare industry. With blockchain, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies can track the movement of raw materials and components at each stage of the supply chain to the plant or patient. The provider can write information into the blockchain using direct data entry or sensors connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Secure Clinical Trials

    As a database, the blockchain is reliably protected from outside interference, since all data is confirmed and independently stored on thousands of different computers around the world. This technology can prevent falsification of the results of clinical trials on drugs. Blockchain uses SHA256, a first-class cryptographic algorithm, to ensure that clinical trial data cannot be modified or hacked by third-party intruders.

  • Patient Data Management

    Your patients will have full control over their medical reports with secure data storage on a decentralized system. Moreover, they will be able to share data without revealing their identity. Blockchain is a good match for your business if you want to:

    improve drug supply-chain efficiency and integrity
    provide accessible patient/doctor/insurance database
    manage fast, transparent patient-to-doctor transactions
    provide safety and security for patients’ personal data
    allow information-sharing between medical institutions, doctors, and professors worldwide

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  • Interoperability

    Blockchain is capable of solving all compatibility problems because it acts as a decentralized database. Data access is possible, thanks to an API with a standard data format. The blockchain can also work seamlessly with current platforms and protocols used to access and store data.

  • Integrity

    With the blockchain, data integrity can be maintained at all levels, all the time. Data on the blockchain cannot be modified by attackers. Only patients, for example, can change details when interacting with a doctor. There are many examples of blockchain use that clearly demonstrate how it can provide the necessary integrity to protect data from theft or misuse.

  • Security

    The modern healthcare industry suffers from data leaks that could cost it millions of dollars. Without a proper solution, everything depends upon trial and error, and all platforms cannot be protected. This includes data integrity. To prevent data falsification, the blockchain uses data encryption via private keys that guarantee safe data.

  • Maintenance Cost

    Data is distributed across the network, which means there is no single point of failure. Each node has its own copy of the database. The backup mechanism is amazing because it helps hospitals to better respond to emergencies. Another advantage of a backup copy at each node is that transaction costs are reduced when storing or retrieving information.

  • Universal Access

    Blockchain provides universal access to all users. It does not depend upon a central authority that works to make universal access impossible. Authorized persons can easily access data at any time, and the whole process can be automated with various mechanisms similar to smart contracts.

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We help businesses to select an appropriate decentralized technology for your business model or token offering with our evaluation of the pros and cons in terms of security, performance, and scalability. The Applicature consulting team will help deliver stunning blockchain architecture design,  business plan development, proof of concept, an more. All will be customized to your needs.

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Looking for advanced and reliable blockchain solutions? Our expert team of developers can build decentralized applications on best blockchain platforms with smart-contract execution, develop your own digital asset or integrate blockchain technology into your existing system. Either you are an early-stage startup or a well-known company, decentralized technologies will make your business process work in an open-source, fast and transparent environment.

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As the founder of a startup, you are interested in building your entrepreneurial foundation with well-organized milestones. Our hands-on approach and expertise come with powerful fundraising recommendations and performance benchmarks. 

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As you focus on operating your core business processes, we implement strategies to attract global clients and increase awareness of your business with solid customer-nurturing strategies. You may crave long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with your prospects, and hope to exchange value with industry leaders. You can have all of this and produce higher revenue with our cutting-edge business models. Let us help you establish efficient interaction with your customers!

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