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Our Business Development Services Include:

Business-to-Business/B2B Development
Business-to-Exchanges/B2X Business Development

Business-to-Business/B2B Development

To get real business wisdom, companies need to develop effective strategic planning and identify an individualized approach to each user persona. You will have access to profound business models at each stage of the business-development path, with automated solutions and lead-generation campaigns. As you focus on operating your core business processes, we implement strategies to attract global clients and increase awareness of your business with solid customer-nurturing strategies. You may crave long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with your prospects, and hope to exchange value with industry leaders. You can have all of this and produce higher revenue with our cutting-edge business models. Let us help you establish efficient interaction with your customers!

Business-to-Exchanges/B2X Business Development

When developing a token offering roadmap, you need to estimate future success by evaluating your prospects on specific exchanges. In addition to wrap-out of your project and development of a sustainable IEO roadmap, you’ll need to check out targeted exchanges with regard to requirements, user base, and location. With our wide base of connections, we can facilitate your efforts to reach out to the best matching exchanges and establish appropriate communication with exchange representatives. In the scope of Applicature’s B2X service, we’ll set up at least 5 channels with crypto exchanges according to criteria thoroughly evaluated beforehand.

Advisory Board Formation

Advisory boards are must-have today. Forward-looking companies use advisory boards to bring fresh perspectives on strategy, economic trends, and specific geographic markets — as well as alerting statutory boards to issues that may not be on their radar.

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Advisory Board Formation

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Our Products

Business Development

TokenGear is a full-fledged solution for the customized launch of token offerings with a user-friendly configurative interface, scalable payment system, and KYC verification system.

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Business Development

The mission of MilestoneBased is to revolutionize the venture capital industry improving its efficiency with the help of cutting edge tech such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, digital signatures, and cryptography.

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Let’s Get Started with the Applicature Team

B2B Business Development Process
B2X Development Process
  • 1

    Planning and structuring

    It is of high priority to properly plan and structure B2B lead generation campaign
  • 2

    Goal definition

    Our team defines goals based on needs (partnering with companies/service providers, MoUs with future merchants, MoUs with users communities, partnering with opinion leaders or influencers, etc.)
  • 3


    Development of client portrait and decision-making persona
  • 4

    Development of content requirements

    for lead generation campaign and B2B content development plan (usually, we stick to the marketing SMM plan to avoid extra expense)
  • 5


    We conduct in-depth research on your targeted audience and building reach-out databases
  • 6


    We validate of shareable materials after development
  • 7

    Designation automation

    Applicature, Inc. will help with the creation of templated shareable documents for: MoU, LoI, and referral or partnership agreements.
  • 8


    Execution of reach-out campaign using automated solutions with CRM systems for tracking of progress
  • 1


    First, we define the project’s target audiences, location, and portrait
  • 2


    Our next step is to select exchanges to be targeted
  • 3


    Applicature reaches out for your project and uses existing Applicature connections
  • 4

    Documentation of flow management

    Applicature supports the project team with recommendations for document flow and control
  • 5

    Negotiating with exchanges

    Applicature takes part in discussions of engagement with exchanges and provides

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