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Investor Outreach Workflow

As the founder of a startup, you are interested in building your entrepreneurial foundation with well-organized milestones. Our hands-on approach and expertise come with powerful fundraising recommendations and performance benchmarks.
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  • Company Analysis & Recommendations

    Due diligence is a multi-layered evaluation of your project’s feasibility. You may want to have your performance indicators and technological roadmap prepared simultaneously to avoid the risk of spending your financial and/or in-kind resources on the fundraising process. 

    Our expert team can help your startup by identifying and mitigating potential risk for your shareholders. With this purpose, we conduct cross-dep engagement to review & evaluate your token economics, roadmap, business model, and overall market analysis. Through modeling of optimistic/pessimistic scenarios and tech due diligence, your fundraising plan will gain a safety valve in case of unforeseen risk. 

  • Investor Selection & Reach-Out

    The investor-relations marketplace is currently saturated due to constant competition between startups searching for possible fundraising options at the dawn of their business launches. Partner with us to get in touch with thought leaders and influencers in your vertical, and open the gateway to a world of investment opportunities.

    Reach out to a targeted group of investors and raise your chances of closing your funding round. Our targeting criteria include vertical orientation, regional orientation, and fundraising round orientation.

  • Investor Nurturing

    It’s never easy to gain trust from the get-go, so we nurture investors with constant updates, news, and new milestones about a project. Exclusive focus on investment is not a win-win strategy for your startup. We will show you how to best tailor your approach to building warm relations with investors. We know how to get your project stand out from the rest by emphasizing your unique values and passion for your product!

  • Investor Relations For Startups Your Personal Fundraising
  • Investor Relations For Startups Your Personal Fundraising
  • Investor Relations For Startups Your Personal Fundraising

Want to keep your company attractive, investor-friendly, scalable, and investable?

We provide professional expertise while you focus on core operations and decision-making.

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Investor Relations For Startups Your Personal Fundraising

TokenGear is a full-fledged solution for the customized launch of token offerings with a user-friendly configurative interface, scalable payment system, and KYC verification system.

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Investor Relations For Startups Your Personal Fundraising

The mission of MilestoneBased is to revolutionize the venture capital industry improving its efficiency with the help of cutting edge tech such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, digital signatures, and cryptography.

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How Will This Process be Set Up?

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    We come up with a preliminary FAQ from investors to benchmark your progress and gauge opportunities for further amendments to your business operations (if necessary).
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    We generate a bottom-up evaluation of the project to see if your business matches investor-risk comfort level and has a good chance of raising money.
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    We prepare personalized, tailored feedback, including funding recommendations and support, at each step toward investor outreach to gain robust business insight.
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    Optionally, you can receive consulting and technical evaluation of your operating business model.

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