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Applicature is one of the leading blockchain agencies in the world. Every day, we assess our clients’ needs, looking for opportunities to create new trends on the market. As a result, we’ve developed specialized capabilities and products in alignment with our expertise. We keep our competitive position in the cryptoworld by proposing completely new experiences to our clients! Check out more here:
Create your efficient ICO campaign with TokenGear! TokenGear is an ICO launch-service platform offering a comfortable and simple transaction process via ICO cabinet, smart-contract creation and audits, ICO marketing and consulting, and a bounty-automated system and investment program setup. It’s a solution developed by experienced professionals for launching your successful ICO.
Now you have the ability to deploy your own blockchain! Fluence is a friendly API for new and existing technologies to seamlessly deploy, integrate, and manage blockchains and smart contracts. There is no need to search for developers or think about support facilities. Go to Fluence, and just Fluence it!
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7AC is a blockchain digital-media platform that educates and informs you of current trends, business, technology, and industry innovations connecting the global community that are keen on the subject. Step into a wide range of communications with top-notch experts, journalists, bloggers, and thought leaders on the pages of our media. Get insights on crypto, blockchain, Fintech, ICO analysis, DApps, and other hot crypto news. Stay tuned with the trending news in the blockchain space!
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Applicature is happy to present our exchange solution product. We’ve created not just the product itself, but also an entire ecosystem that provides you with 24/7 technical support for your exchange. Now you will be on-trend with constant implementation of the latest features of leading market positions. Join our Exchange network and get access to joint liquidity. Let’s make an efficient business together!
Applicature is at the forefront of Blockchain innovation, and we have inside access to top crypto projects. Join Accelerator as a limited partner/contributor, and join the world of cutting-edge opportunities!
Syndicate Maker
Syndicate Maker enables individual investors to get the best terms in deals by intelligently pooling resources using the syndicate model. It provides advisors and influencers with a simple way to benefit from their recommendations and audience. Syndicate Maker has a fully-integrated KYC solution which allows pool-makers to be fully compliant with all local and international laws.
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