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Blockchain Implementation

Portfolio / Blockchain Implementation

Blockchain Implementation

Applicature's Customer

The Codex is an industry protocol on which decentralized applications can be built. It is the option that helps authorize users instantly and have a transparent bidding process on the blockchain.


Customer's Request

They approached Applicature early in their product cycle. They wanted to understand how cryptocurrency works. Our team had some coaching sessions with them.

What Applicature has done

Applicature used different tools for the sessions where our developers have discovered and pointed out how the blockchain based ecosystem might look like for their business case. Later Applicature has built the proof of concept on blockchain which was implemented to be able to validate if a user sends a small deposit to Escrow. Once the user’s deposit is received to the Escrow system users would be allowed to participate in the online option. Once the Proof of Concept was implemented Codex protocol’s Border Director was convinced to move the project forward.

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