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Ethereum Fork Implementation and Customization

Portfolio / Ethereum Fork Implementation and Customization

Ethereum Fork Implementation And Customization

Applicature’s Customer

Auxilium is a community that came from the old cryptocurrency called sprouts. They are the enthusiasts of altruistic altruism. They are building Auxilium as the altruistic cryptocurrency, the smart contracts of which will be used to control and support projects who are fighting social problems all around the world.

Customer’s request

Auxilium was willing to entirely rebuild  the blockchain they have been using. They wanted to rebuild the Sprouts blockchain because it was having super inflated reward rates. The total supply of the cryptocurrency was growing too fast. As a result it depreciated in price.

What Applicature Has Done

Applicature has developed Ethereum fork for Auxilium and shifted them Applicature Ethereum Proof of Stake (AEPoS) to continue their tradition of giving the power to the network and contributors by allowing simple users to participate in the transaction validation through the Proof of Stakeconsensus protocol. Apart from Ethereum fork implementation we customized and upgraded their wallet as well.

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