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Family of ERC20+ERC223 Smart Contracts with Auto Mining Capacity

Portfolio / Family of ERC20+ERC223 Smart Contracts with Auto Mining Capacity

Family Of Erc20 Erc223 Smart Contracts With Auto Mining Capacity

Applicature’s Customer

CLOUT is a blockchain based platform intended to promote crypto communities growth. CLOUT is committed towards providing users with quality information about this massively growing space. The platform consists of a social media interface utilizing user generated content.

Customer’s Request came up with an interesting idea of having a family of 2 tokens. One of them would mine the second cryptocurrency. Another peculiarity was that the founders wanted to implement the ERC223 standard which turns to be not yet fully finalized by the community. Thus, Applicaturehas implemented a token that has both ERC20 and ERC223 interfaces.

What Applicature Has Done

Applicature identified the potential risks of having the ERC223 standard implemented without the ERC20. The risk was that the tokens that do not work with other Ethereum tokens standards rather than ERC20 won’t be tradable on the menu of the exchanges. But Applicature team has worked on this issue and implemented it successfully.

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