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ICO Cabinet (Contribution + KYC Dashboard)

Portfolio / ICO Cabinet (Contribution + KYC Dashboard)

Ico Cabinet Contribution Kyc Dashboard

Applicature’s Customer

On the Howdoo network users and communities can regain control over their personal data, and set preferences for the frequency and volume of advertising they receive (if any).


Customer’s Request

Howdoo reached out Applicature to organize the contribution flow and KYC (know your customer) features with our solution. We deployed them our multi-vest pro solutionwhich is the ico cabinet.

What Applicature Has Done

Ico Top
Applicature has created a suite which helps you separate trustworthy users from ones which might put you into troubles. Use our existing solution or integrate with 3rd parties easily. Contributions should be self-explanatory to your contributors. With our solution contributions are simple and need only a couple of seconds to be fulfilled.

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