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Lightweight ICO Contribution Widget

Portfolio / Lightweight ICO Contribution Widget

Lightweight Ico Contribution Widget

Applicature’s Customer

VARcrypt is the world’s first blockchain content distribution platform designed specifically for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and legacy content. VARcrypt derives its name from a combination of both VR and AR resulting in the combination of VARwhich when integrated with a cryptographic blockchain content distribution creates VARcrypt. The future of the software will not be either VR or AR, it will be VAR.

Customer’s Request

VARcrypt wanted to have the fully fledged ico cabinet and a contribution dashboard. Lightweight widget based on the home page of the website would be a great choice. It definitely saves time for users to contribute because they can do the contribution within the home page of the website.

Img 1723

What Applicature Has Done

Applicature spent 1 month on research work in order to define key fatures and pricniples of the platform, then spent 3 months on development and testing its widget. After the succesful testing Applicature
has finally deployed the standard implementation and added the basic KYC (know your customer) featuressuch as receiving the user address and validating if they are contributing from the permitted source (geography).

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