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Virtual Auto-mining on smart contracts

Portfolio / Virtual Auto-mining on smart contracts

Darico wanted to have a family of 2 tokens. Main token – the genesis token, which basically grants you the ownership of the automining rights for the usual darico tokens. The idea is if you hold genesis token – you will be getting new darico tokens throught the next 18 years in a proportion of 3/1. If you hold 1 darico today – you will be holding 3 darico in 18 years from now due to automining which will generate new tokens for you. The complexity was in the faith that we needed to create a relationship between 2 smart contracts – the genesis smart contractand the darico smart contract. We should properly calculate the mining schedule and implement the triggers upon which the mining should be happening. The triggers are either the transfer event or a special function on a smart contract called “claim darico” on which you could receive your newly mined tokens.

Another interesting feature was that a holder could assign a different address to be able to claim the tokens for him, which basically enabled holders to store their genesis account private keys on the cold wallets. We made the process of claiming tokens even more available and convenient.

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