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Science and Innovation (builder)

Scientific Research

Even though Blockchain has incredible potential for decentralized and distributed systems, there are still many technical challenges to be studied and investigated.

Moreover, limitations in blockchain security are major issues that must be overcome and assessed with high-quality research.

Should you have the need for an entirely new distributed ledger, Applicature’s science team is here to work on your creative assignment.  

Our science team is engaged in the following scientific research areas:

  • consensus protocols and private blockchains
  • game theory applications
  • cryptography
  • data science and machine learning

Scholarships + Scientific Internships

We provide scholarships and scientific internships for the investigation of new, innovative possibilities and uses for blockchain technology as a solution for a variety of industries.

Scientific works are funded with long-term investments, helping to grow the world high-tech economy.

We encourage candidates around the globe with an educational background in the social sciences, applied mathematics, economics, and software development to solve challenges and conduct research related to the blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency space.

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