Neeraj Sabharwal joining Applicature as Ambassador in Washington, D.C.

Neeraj Sabharwal joining Applicature as Ambassador in Washington, D.C.

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USA, Washington D.C., January 2018 – It is our great pleasure to announce that Neeraj Sabharwal will be joining the Applicature team in Washington, D.C. as an ambassador.

Neeraj will represent the Applicature brand for companies in the region, investors, or any other clients who want to benefit from blockchain technology by developing Initial Coin Offerings or smart contracts for business purposes. He will help increase brand awareness in the region among companies in the development and growth stage that are also engaged in international financial transactions and interested in blockchain payments.

Neeraj is a leading professional in blockchain technologies, so his thinking is highly relevant:

“Blockchain is disruptive in the same way Quantum computing will be. You can’t ignore the beauty of decentralization and this new way of exchanging information without involving a middleman. Blockchain is not cryptocurrency, and it can fit into enterprises as a part of their enterprise solutions.”

Neeraj Sabharwal holds bachelor’s degrees in technical education (mechanical) and a graduate certificate from DeVry University’s Keller School of Management. He is a co-founder of the Stealth Startup Company, investigating new technologies with a focus on healthcare and wellness, fintech, hospitality, oil and gas (pollution data affecting health), and, of course, decentralized computing and blockchain applications.

His extensive experience in cutting-edge technologies will help the Applicature team to outstanding success in the crypto world. Neeraj has been involved in data and cloud technologies for more than fifteen years, and his technical background is broad and professional. He is also the published author of six non-technical books.

Active social network users engaged in the crypto world can follow Neeraj’s Twitter account or his Linkedin profile to keep track of blockchain innovations.

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