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Devcon3: Ethereum Developers Conference in Mexico Day 1


It is the third year when the Ethereum Dev Conference is held, hosted in Cancun, Mexico, this time. 4 days of meetings, discussions and knowledge sharing have attracted influential people and enthusiasts from around the world. Applicature team is very proud to be the sponsors of Devcon3 in this scenic Cancun city.

Our first morning has been started full of expectations and good vibes, invoked by great view for the conference venue. The main conference hall is cryptocurrency space, сrowded with high minds, conversations, and interactions about Ethereum privacy, scalability and security, blockchain challenges, smart contracts technology etc.  

The key players in Ethereum ecosystem are gathered here to play a great role in the projects’ development. Devcon3 reached out to more audience than ever, including Ethereum foundation tech giants, developers, investors, as well as enthusiasts who are given a huge opportunity to be well-informed, educated and motivated.

The wide spectrum of projects and current trends are the great foundation of the unique experience in the attendees’ life. Before the conference started, we were able to talk to FunFairTech, made some photos with Golem team.


Brief presentations’ overview

Ming Chan, Chief executive director of the Ethereum Foundation, was the first on the main scene who introduced the Ethereum Foundation team leads. Then the brief introductions kicked off. Vitalik Buterin was traditionally providing a brief 25-minute technical overview of the Ethereum blockchain.


What was next?

JavaScript team presented their community contributors which are very important for series of projects running on JS like metamax and remix.

The next presentation was held by CoinCenter, the organization who protects projects in cryptocurrency world.


Regulatory and policy issues, education, and crypto advocacy – those monsters that are really concerned to be regulated and secured. CoinCenter will smoothly maintain projects from the legal perspective. We definitely advise our clients when launching an ICO to get in touch with CoinCenter organization, being sure to have their projects implemented from technical and business standpoints. Here is the detailed explanation on how do token sales fit with securities regulations by Coin Center Director of Research, Peter Van Valkenburgh.

Fabian Vogelsteller and his brilliant discussion of ERC725 identity. One more interesting speech to pay attention to.

We are discussing a lot of opportunities for cooperation with projects presented on the devcon3 on behalf of our clients. The conference is a great place not only for insights and new learnings but for catching up with projects.

The first day was concentrated on different points of view, the sharpest minds, and opinions. Now moving forward to the next portion of Ethereum community “cookies”. To be continued…

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