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Participation in The World Crypto Economic Forum and Blockchain Connect Conference

world crypto economic forum

Applicature is invited to The World Crypto Economic Forum

January 15-16, 2018, San Francisco, CA, United States

World Crypto Economic Forum

Participants have an opportunity to: learn about the latest advances in blockchain technologies, meet with leaders in the global community, and take part in a blockchain hackathon.

Speaker tracks of best-in-class leaders from the blockchain and token ecosystem, core software development, ICOs, law, business, and much more.

Also Applicature will attend The Blockchain Connect Conference

Jan. 26th 2018, San Francisco, CA, United States

World Crypto Economic Forum

World Crypto Economic Forum

This conference brings together 1000+ scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and developers from all over the world;
connects blockchain innovators and include interactive discussions, and brainstorming.

Special features:

  • 30 top blockchain experts;
  • 12 startups;
  • VIP reception.

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