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Smart Contracts in the Ticketing Industry

How Smart Contract Can Boost the Ticketing Industry

The biggest issue in the ticketing industry is the secondary resale market with its fraud schemes. When an event is really interesting for consumers, tickets are often sourced on the secondary market. In this case, there are no benefits for event participants in terms of value creation, so no one gets a share of the final price. A smart contract on Solidity is the solution for fair management of events and ticketing because it tracks each transaction on the blockchain and identifies resellers. You will definitely like the way tickets can be sold and managed.

In order to create an entirely new ticketing ecosystem and management platform, we offer you the option of creating smart contracts for fraud prevention and secure ticket-sale control.

Our developer, Victoria Boychuk, has written a smart contract which governs the relations between different parties in the industry and splits the final price of the smart contract between all participants.  

Whether you are an enterprise innovator, a blockchain developer, or a technology entrepreneur, this video will explain the key features that help the industry: profit-sharing of the final ticket price and security of refunds for buyers. We are here to add logic to your tickets and help you manage the collected revenues. The smart contract will set up smart tickets without price exaggeration, and with its programming embedded into the ticket.

Please leave your comments and questions – we are here for you, and will support you at every step of your innovative blockchain journey.

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