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Applicature helps Kingaru with development, funding and token launch for Web3 immersive e-commerce

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Kingaru is a company with some smart founders that had a vision for “immersive commerce” and the next frontier of retail. E-commerce is morphing into more holistic and engaging experiences, taking advantage of decentralized blockchain technology and the coming of Web3 and the metaverse. This promises to drive forward more rich and immersive experiences for shoppers, incorporating virtual worlds and avatars, gamification, loyalty programs with tokens, NFTs, crypto payment rails and other innovations. It broadens the differentiation and customization retailers can offer a new generation of digital-native and crypto-native consumers. Kingaru is building an e-commerce and payment platform that is highly scalable, fast, and secure  for expanded and immersive e-commerce, NFTs, the Metaverse as well as conventional retail applications. 

Kingaru came to Applicature with a long term growth  plan, but first they wanted to launch their initial token and build a base token holder community.  They also wanted to significantly scale business operations, make sure their platform and payments process was efficient and secure, and offer clients quick and reliable transactions at scale using blockchain technology. 

Plan to raise funding and launch Kingaru’s token

The Kingaru team initially partnered with venture builder and accelerator, Applicature in 2019 with a goal to expand fundraising opportunities through the IDO of the KRU token. Applicature collaboration aided the e-commerce platform on a strategy and outreach plan for attracting significant investments from VCs. They wanted expertise and access to a ready-made community Applicature could bring and they wanted  to decrease  the time it took getting funding for growth.

Applicature’s team started with due diligence, thoroughly examining the project and devised a marketing and development strategy for the impending IDO. The Aplicature team advised Kingaru on the KRU token launch and marketing activities to attract more potential token holders. The most senior members of our team established one-on-one mentoring relationships with the founders and senior members of the Kingaru team which they appreciated. 

Unique and customized launchpad for Kingaru’s IDO

For the IDO, Kingaru intended to employ third-party Launchpads. Applicature proposed developing a customized and branded platform of their own to maximize the token community engagement/reach, and give away less equity. Applicature’s portfolio company Anzenpad had a white-label solution for crowdfunding that was the perfect answer. Applicature’s development team helped set up the crowdfunding platform and launched the KRU token utilizing the most profitable and cost effective means, and Kingaru attracted many new token holders. 

Applicature’s development team issued an Initial DEX offering for the KRU token on Kingaru’s new launchpad. The IDO platform is multi-function and will also be at the center of Kingaru’s future platform growth  and product launches. 

Marketing activities for community building and fundraising results

Applicature was involved in organizing investor outreach and marketing events for building a  project community of token holders and investors. Kingaru and the Applicature teams created a multi-point marketing and promotion plan including multiple weekly AMA (ask me anything) sessions to boost project understanding and attract a new community of small and large token holders and an interested global audience  for KRU tokens. 

Applicature’s guidance and help in positioning, marketing programs and outreach considerably increased the number of potential token holders and investors and boosted social media influence as well. In a short period of time, the number of followers on the company’s official Twitter account has risen from low numbers to 3200. The overall number of Telegram subscribers also surpassed 3,000.

Applicature’s venture arm, Mempool Venture, was key in Kingaru’s investment campaign and helped to attract Crypto investors who could write larger cheques from their community of  VC investors, family offices, and private investors. 

Applicature helped Kingaru increase platform bandwidth

Following a successful IDO, the Kingaru team wanted to enhance the network capacity of their base platform to handle the increased load of users and retailers. The AnzenPad crowdfunding platform was ready with plug-and-play capabilities to assist Kingaru in resolving their payments platform scaling issues. 

Applicature’s developers collaborated with Kingaru to provide a layer two solution that enhanced throughput to 600 transactions per second. The Kingaru team optimized network speed and coped with the flood of new customers. 

The technical collaboration and advice between Applicature and Kingaru continues.  Technical experts from Applicature most recently updated the previous layer two solution, increasing throughput to 12,000 transactions per second.

Applicature is a key partner in Kingaru’s growth

Applicature’s marketing and fundraising strategy plus  outreach  assisted Kingaru in raising the required finances to fund their growth. Kingaru has created and is nurturing a long-term community of KRU token holders and users actively participating in the project’s ongoing development through Testnet and Mainet implementations. 

The Applicature development team established a robust crowdfunding platform with the help of Anzenpad’s white label solution, with unique smart-contract architecture, which has assisted in attracting investors to the project. Applicature helped to incorporate a layer two solution to address the Kingaru network’s low bandwidth, allowing the platform to execute up to 12,000 transactions per second.

The Applicature ecosystem’s auditing company Vidma also assisted the e-commerce platform Kingaru in checking the security of smart contracts. Vidma experts performed three thorough security audits of Kingaru smart contracts, raising the company’s security grade to 99%. Kingaru was given a comprehensive audit report with suggestions, as well as a security audit certificate. The audit has become a critical component in building trust between the corporation and large and small KRU token holders.

Kingaru has used the crowdfunding platform multiple times for subsequent funding campaigns as well as for the launch of new products/features. The Applicature team is still assisting the project as a valued advisor as they forge ahead to their next stage of growth. Applicature is a blockchain accelerator skilled at building long-term relationships to aid the success of our partner clients and the relationship with Kingaru has been an example of this. They are part of our ecosystem now and have much more support and resources they can leverage as needed in the future. .  

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