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51 relevant investors List Compilation

You are thinking about raising a round but would like to try the waters first?

We’ll pick the most relevant investors you should reach out to.


Build a portrait of your potential investor

Everybody knows that turning to a cardiologist when you have a toothache will not bring expected results. However, not everybody knows that the same rule works with investors.

Picking the right investors to reach out to is time-consuming and complicated. That is why we constantly update our database of investors and establish relations with new industry players.  

We will study your project to identify every possible vertical you are connected to. After that, we will discuss the details of investors profiles based on numerous factors.

Compilation of List of 51 relevant investors include

  • Discovery session
  • Defining the most relevant verticals of operations
  • Building investor portrait
  • Compilation of the list of 51 relevant investors

What will happen the next business day after you order?

  1. We will schedule a call with you to dive deep into your situation. The duration of the call could be as long as 2 hours if we need to focus on certain areas of potential explosion. If you cannot dedicate 2 hours in a one-time slot, we will schedule a follow-up call.
  2. After the call, we will set a timeline for preparation of an individualized blueprint for you (this usually takes between 2 days and 1.5 weeks).

Why It’s Risk- Free

We have a 100% return policy on this product. If, for any reason, our work doesn’t turn out to be a good fit for you, we will refund your payment for this product, no questions asked. We do this because we are confident we can help you progress. We value successful partnerships more than anything else.


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