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Applicature has entered into a partnership with the VC firm

Applicature partners with

Applicature has entered into a partnership with the VC firm to invest in breakthrough early stage blockchain projects.

2020 was an exceptionally fruitful year for plenty of Applicature projects. We engaged in each partnership in a context of development, marketing and investor relationships. The agency saw the need for a more consistent and solid support of blockchain startups. So the next logical step was to create a foundation for talented teams and breakthrough ideas to accelerate growth and overcome challenges. 

Applicature will bring the most promising DeFi and blockchain startups to in order to shortcut common bureaucracy hurdles and give projects an important boost on the bull market.

“As blockchain and startup veterans we understand the pain of founders who are in search of support. Having myriad of opportunities sometimes it’s a tricky road to pick up the wrong partner and lose the momentum. So our job is to identify the next Uniswap or Compound and support them on their humble beginnings with the development or consulting and prepare the product and business model for smart investors, I mean our partners” — says Ian Arden, CEO of Applicature. includes crypto passionate developers, marketers and connectors. Having tremendous experience in the blockchain space and understanding all the pitfalls, they are willing to contribute to startups with straightforward decision processes, hands on support and token launch frameworks.

The role of is to help talents and their ideas to navigate this challenging and complex entrepreneurial adventure. The experienced mentors will provide feedback and difference-making access to early adopters, customers and talents. 

The fastest way for startups to attract attention from Applicature and Mempool.venture is through committing their projects to where founders can create interactive road maps available for initial evaluation. 

About Applicature

Applicature is a blockchain development agency. The Applicature team works on projects in the blockchain industry, involving the development of smart contacts, DApps and the research, deployment, and customization of blockchain solutions. Applicature serves as a technical advisory to blockchain companies and as a technical consultancy for token offerings.

Having been involved in over 100 projects, Applicature offers an elaborate framework that includes proofs of concept, launching DeFi projects, MVPs, and smart-contract audits across a wide spectrum of industries: fintech, supply chain, healthcare, arts and collectibles, digital rights, and loyalty distribution, real estate, ticketing, events, and more.

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