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How to Manage a Successful IDO Project with Different IDO Service Providers



Why Do Companies Launch IDOs for Their Businesses?

Blockchain technology has recently achieved a period of global prosperity. The scalability of the IDO investment has been skyrocketing over the last few months. It is not an easy task to launch your own IDO campaign, though; you will need to overcome hidden pitfalls. These difficulties can be defined as follows:

Competition between ICO investment launch campaigns
The main goal of an IDO project is to launch a fundraising mechanism. The tokens created during an IDO will fund your business or brand-new startup by investing money in digital assets in order to create an exchange of profit or buy cryptocurrency. If you define all key objectives of the project clearly to the community, you can be confident of the success of your IDO campaign.

Initial Coin Offering Services, or How to Invest in an IDO

The general plan for launching an IDO includes: generating an idea for your project, working out a good white paper, building a roadmap, starting a marketing campaign, developing a smart contract, testing, and launching a crowdsale. People amazed by the project idea become investors, buy tokens, and use the product. Tokens raised during the crowdsale will be used for product development, while investors will trade or exchange tokens when the price goes up.

The first thing to decide before investing money is to analyze the IDO project with regard to all aspects: clearly-defined company strategy, team experience, and timeliness of release of technical information (white paper). One of the main elements of launching a crowdsale is developing your IDO cabinet with contribution flow and a widget. Make it user-friendly and convenient for investors to use.

The Applicature team provides our customers with IDO cabinet development with full-cycle technical support. Let’s investigate different cabinets and their functionality so you can compare!

The Applicature Cabinet: Customized Functionality for Your IDO Project

Applicature is a blockchain development agency offering blockchain development services for clients all over the world. The Applicature team provides help in developing smart contracts for your IDO project, a technical advisory and full-cycle audits, marketing strategies and campaigns, and more. Applicature has also designed Ethereum Proof of Stake to make blockchain operations accessible anywhere in the world.
You can get acquainted with the projects we’ve released and their concepts in our website portfolio.

Website Security

Applicature offers multi-vest (widget) and multi-vest pro (widget and KYC) solutions as an IDO cabinet, which makes it secure and transparent. Multivest Pro is a full-fledged solution for launching an initial coin offering contribution flow and allows users easily to invest in IDO projects. Your security is guaranteed by a configurative plug-n-play user interface, scalable payment, and KYC middleware.

IDO Widget

Applicature provides widget implementation (multivest) for your IDO cabinet. This is a real-time calendar with IDO start and end dates, allowing you to keep track of contributions made.
The IDO widget customizes your IDO website options and contains the following solutions:

  • IDO information useful for investors
  • tokens raised and tokens left
  • current token price in BTC, ETC, and LTC
  • user balance
  • continuously-updating IDO countdown clock
  • IDO tiers and token price for each tier

Applicature ICO management with widget

Customized Interface

The website interface is user-friendly and quite simple, and can easily be adjusted to the client’s requirements. When signing up, don’t forget to agree to terms and conditions, and type in a password to ensure security. The password you choose can be easily restored with the help of your valid email address. A customer can choose different options for user registration; for example,country of origin can be added, as well.

Applicature ICO management with cabinet registration
After registration, the user receives an email confirmation letter, easily logs in, and is ready for the next steps (verification, invest in IDO, etc).

Applicature ICO cabinet email confirmation letter
In addition, the customer can change the content of the email confirmation letter the investor receives, providing users with more detailed information or the next possible steps.

KYC / AML Integration

Applicature has developed the Multivest Pro service with KYC to identify and verify your contributors, making your IDO hack-resistant. A cabinet admin can create a list of allowed addresses and generated data with a special signature to put into the transactions. This guarantees that transactions are made with legal and financial compliance.

Anti-money-laundering (AML) test questions (zip code, full address, photo of an ID card, etc.) can also be integrated to protect your IDO against suspicious activity.
There is also the opportunity to establish long-term cooperation with crypto-enthusiasts and people who are really interested in supporting your project idea.

Applicature tools for verification during an ICO

Contribution Flow

The Applicature IDO cabinet provides the option to contribute with BTC, ETH, and LTC cryptocurrencies as well as fiat money. This option can help engage more investors with the help of robust contribution management.

Applicature offers ICO payment methods for investments
Multiple payment methods allow the payment procedure to increase the token-sale rating. The contribution flow is instantly fulfilled in the cabinet in the following ways:

  • the user chooses a currency with which to contribute
  • Multivest generates the transaction data
  • The transaction is confirmed, inserting additional data into the wallet
  • the definite number of tokens is sent to the user wallet

All transactions are transparent, and visible in the cabinet in the “Transaction History” field. As soon as the transaction has been confirmed, the user can check the transaction in the history. This simplifies the contribution process by eliminating the need to search for transactions using other services.

Client Communication

An important and vital part of every IDO campaign is client communication. The Applicature cabinet allows users to be involved in communication with project team members. The messaging center and FAQ section are available as additional services. Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, and other tools can be integrated with the cabinet to keep in touch with your customers throughout the crowdsale.
Here is an example of how the FAQ section is implemented in the cabinet by Applicature:

Applicature offers ICO cabinet marketing services

Additional Services

Applicature offers referral programs and bounty management campaigns as rewards systems. The bounty program includes PR promotion for tokens, and plays a key role in target-audience motivation. The use of a bounty system to reward marketing campaigns is common practice now. Additional services include:

  • project progress
  • raffle
  • airdrops

Now that you have a full understanding of Applicature’s IDO services, and it’s time to compare other IDO investment tools. Let’s investigate B2Broker and Crypto-b2b services and their IDO management platforms.

IDO Management with B2Broker

B2Broker is a company that helps increase profits and upgrade business processes for brokerage companies. B2Broker has already developed a number of products for effective brokerage of business: Forex, CFD, Cryptocurrency Liquidity, Crypto-Exchange Turnkey, Crypto-Broker Turnkey, Turnkey Ready Broker (a set of solutions to start a brokerage company from scratch), Trader’s Room, IDO Platform, and more.

B2Broker concentrates smart-contract development on the Ethereum platform with customized smart-contract requirements. There is the option to control tokens by issuer and deploy cold-storage wallets on the issuer’s side.

IDO Widget

The widget is developed with courses, allowing the investor to keep track of the tokens he/she will receive for the exact amount of cryptocurrency he/she contributes.
The admin has the opportunity to analyze the number of investors, amount of collected money, and types of invested cryptocurrencies.
You can see the funds and contributors field at the top of the page, and the current IDO phase and token price on the left.

B2Broker ICO service providers

Customized Interface

The team can customize the design of your cabinet in the following areas: theme, fonts, colors, logo, domain, registration form, etc.
After registration with an email address, the user receives a confirmation email with login and password credentials. Now they are able to log in and use the IDO cabinet for participation in the crowdsale.

B2Broker tools for ICO launch

Contribution Flow

The investor should register and type in his or her ETH address. Contribution flow is based upon acceptance of 10 cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, DASH, BCC (Bitcoin Cash), B2B, ETC, NEM, NEO) and any ERC 20 tokens.

Additional Services

B2Broker offers their customers a bonus system, promotions, and a referral program. Bonuses can be distributed throughout different IDO stages according to the client’s needs.

Discover IDO Launch Tools for Your Project with Crypto-b2b

Cryptob2b develops blockchain projects and provides various services for launching your IDO project. The team can provide you with smart-contract development, decentralized applications, architecture, data, protocols, and different programming languages as a solution to your unique requirements.
The team offers a solution: in order to prevent users from stealing keys, they don’t store private keys in the cabinet.

Crypto-b2b ICO platform launch services
Let’s investigate this information by category.

IDO Widget

IDO platform maintenance is provided by widget implementation, with time and collected-money data.
For example, let’s look at the RichBit and Proof of TOSS crowdsales that are going to start in 2018. Check out the start-of-crowdsale countdown widgets.

Crypto-b2b widget on the ICO website

Customized Interface

The interface can be customized, judging from the different projects shown on the website. After registration, the user receives a spam-free letter as confirmation.

Contribution Flow

KYC integration and three-factor authorization is possible for your IDO cabinet security as an option with Crypto-b2b services.
Cryptocurrencies accepted by the IDO cabinet include the following: BTC, ETC, LTC, DASH, XRP, and others, as well as USD, PayPal, and WebMoney.
All transactions are visible to investors, and can be easily tracked.

Client Communication

The team can arrange an email marketing campaign with periodic mailings. The letters are spam-resistant and secure.

IDO launch campaigns are now widespread all over the world, and the market has been saturated. Therefore, it is crucial to find IDO provider services with full-cycle technical support. The Applicature team is ready to consult with our customers anytime, and provide all required information at a high level of security. Contact our team and investigate our services on our official website.

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