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Applicature Enters into Partnership with Synergy Chain


Applicature, a blockchain development agency, has stepped into a strategic partnership with Synergy Chain, an agency located in San Francisco, California, providing all requisite services for successful fundraising and blockchain venture launches.

This new partnership is expected to integrate two development environments and streamline workflow screening processes by providing technical due diligence. Applicature’s sustainable solutions reinforce blockchain strategy while resolving a range of potential scenarios for token-holders:

  • technological review of ICO projects
  • assessment of technical team and technical processes
  • token economics overview
  • identification of risks and benefits for the investor

Ihor Pidruchny, Applicature CEO, comments:

My due diligence is very simple and hands-on. I sit down with the technical members of the founding team, and we dive deep into their envisioned blockchain architecture, their current processes, and systems. I prefer to give investors a very clear understanding of how things are at the moment, as well as how capable the current team is of achieving roadmap milestones.”

About Applicature

Applicature, a blockchain development agency, works on projects in the blockchain industry involving the development of smart contacts, research, and the deployment and customization of blockchain solutions; as a technical advisory to blockchain companies; and as a technical consultancy on token sales/initial coin offerings.

About Synergy Chain

Synergy Chain helps companies with everything from planning their token sale to raising funds via private and public sale of tokens, and provides services to successfully fundraise together with a network of vetted, trusted partners:

  • token sale modeling and strategy
  • roadshow planning and production
  • investor and advisor relationship management
  • fundraising and syndication
  • access to Synergy Chain Global Investors Club


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