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Applicature – Blockchain Development Agency

Applicature works on projects in blockchain industry implying
development of smart contacts; research, deployment and customization of blockchain solutions; technical advisory to blockchain companies; technical consultancy on token sales / initial coin offerings.

We are no borders agency and help clients all around the world and around the clock.

Popular: ICO Tech Consulting / ERC20 Tokens / ICO Smart Contracts

You already know how overwhelming ICO project can be.

Ethereum developers and consultants at Applicature will help you take your technology processes under control!

You can have all technology aspects of your ICO, from technically appealing product concept to smoothly working secure smart contracts and user friendly contribution processing gateway.

Call us in early on for strategic design of your technology concept, as well as smart contracts preparation for your token!

  1. Technical Strategy
  2. Ethereum ERC20 Tokens
  3. ICO Smart Contracts
  4. BTC, LTC and USD Contributions

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Tech Consulting and ERC20 Smart Contracts

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Blockchain for Industries

We help businesses select and deploy the right blockchain technology for their business cases, as well as develop applications based on blockchain.

Ethereum Smart Contracts

If you need help implementing your token distribution logics, business behaviour and storage in decentralized way – Ethereum ecosystem is a way to go and we can help.