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Applicature is a full suite blockchain innovation agency with presence in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Ukraine.

We offer:
  • technology
  • marketing
  • consulting
  • investor readiness


Unleash the value and potential of blockchain to transform your industry with decentralized applications and establish solid infrastructure growth prospects. Our extensive network of partners and experts across industries and cultures will facilitate the selection of appropriate use cases bringing to tangible business outcomes.

From logistics to healthcare smart contacts, we’ve developed over 50 industry frameworks to help companies adopt decentralization in their business processes.


Applicature Acceleration Program is focused on assisting early-stage companies through their building path in business strategies and technology processes. Having top business analytics and blockchain experts backing us up, we are a good fit for opening a gateway to your startup growth and full-fledge product development. Our C-level team will provide you with valuable feedback and reach-out to global partners and investors.


Participating in more than 30 tokenization campaigns, we realized one simple thing: tokenization is the future of your secured ownership through a trusted and decentralized system.

Whether you tokenize various assets, or want to make investing in your project faster, cheaper and safer, tokenization will streamline your financial decisions ensuring efficiency and value of your assets in fully decentralized way. Immutable proof of ownership is the key benefit of transparent blockchain tokenization that definitely allows investors to trade tokens in total confidence.

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We are always open for stepping into new partnerships and implement successful projects together!

Why is Applicature Among Top Blockchain Agencies?

Applicature is dealing with blockchain projects in a disciplined and organized manner. Starting small, we review companies’ business models and help them adjust their businesses within the growing blockchain ecosystem. Once they are ready, we accelerate blockchain initiatives from A to Z.

We offer a wide range of custom blockchain development services, but we are first of all proud of our long-lasting relations with customers and repeat business which is the best recognition for us.

+1-209-813-2474 | 123 Mission St, San Francisco
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