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Applicature is a blockchain development agency working on projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. We review companies’ business models and help them adjust their businesses within the growing blockchain ecosystem.

We offer a wide range of custom blockchain development services.

Applicaturer Ethereum Proof of Stake Consensus Protocol

Applicature has designed
Ethereum Proof of Stake
to empower simpler
blockchain implementations
around the world.



An Initial Coin Offering is an innovative crowdsale approach to fund your project without third-party involvement. Our cryptocurrency development services ensure full-cycle technology support for your ICO, from conceptual token design, ICO smart contracts, and ICO cabinets to website deployment and infrastructure maintenance for your product. With a well-founded and properly conceived ICO marketing campaign, we are here to help you reach your funding goals.

Proven ICO contribution flow

KYC / AML Integration

Customer engagement

Payment Processing


Implement smart contracts on an open-source platform for transparent, fast-forward performance for your business project. Smart contract codes are executed in a decentralized, distributed manner to customize your requirements. Immutable smart contracts provide security and allow the secure storage of digital data. We provide:

  • conceptual token design
  • smart-contract implementation
  • testing
  • smart-contract deployment
  • support

30 various smart contracts projects delivered

Smart contracts security framework

Security audit service for your smart contracts

Integration of smart contracts with existing software


The banking industry is getting on board with blockchain due to its huge potential for disruptive financial vector shifts with transparent digital records and high-speed operations. SBF provides a full spectrum of innovative solutions for your bank ecosystem by applying smart contracts to deploy your private network on Ethereum with custom settings and Applicature’s Proof of Stake or Proof of Authority.

The problem of customer identification is critical, and any lapse can prove detrimental to the banking industry. Blockchain distributed ledgers are indispensable for KYC regulations and anti-money-laundering, enhancing consumer trust, and improving banking performance and efficiency.


Blockchain is opening up new perspectives for supply-chain sustainability and efficiency advancement. Our blockchain development company optimizes business processes, enabling trade partners to interact and collaborate in a decentralized and trusted manner. Properly-designed traceability systems and decentralized applications (Dapp) can resolve issues such as fraud,low-quality products, data non-visibility, and transportation and payment delays.

With our efficient business models and robust blockchain technology, we can solve your supply-chain traceability and transparency challenges.

Business processes on smart contracts

Traceability and tracking on blockchain

Instant transactions and incentives with token economics


Blockchain for Industries

We help businesses select and deploy the right blockchain technology for their business cases, as well as develop applications based on blockchain.

Ethereum Smart Contracts

If you need help implementing your token distribution logics, business behaviour and storage in decentralized way – Ethereum ecosystem is a way to go and we can help.


At Applicature, we are consultants first, developers second. When a company wants to get into the crypto space, they may have very little previous experience, and require blockchain developers like us to take conceptual baby steps alongside them before they can walk, run, and fly.

1. Immersion into Blockchain

2. Planning & Roadmap Design

3. Proof of Concept

4. Full Cycle Implementation

5. Technical & General Management Support

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