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Your IEO Roadmap

Discover a detailed way to get your project through IEO with our recommendations. Starting with project wrap-up till successful IEO!


Why Your Blockchain Initiative Shouldn’t Miss Out on the Action in 2020?

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) has opened up new ways to raise funds in the blockchain community. Its main advantage is that the company founders don’t have to be token sale experts.

Benefits you get:

  • No need to deploy token sale cabinets.
  • It is not mandatory to write complicated crowd-sale smart contracts for IEO.
  • Project promotion to exchange community.
  • Exchange takes care of the entire campaign-launching process.
  • Exchange verifies the AML/KYC compliance.
  • Exchange takes care of the entire campaign-launching process.

However there is a certain list of criteria you would need to follow:

  • Written and audited Token Smart Contract is “must have” for IEO;
  • You will have to pass risk audit conducted by exchange:
    • set of partnerships and appropriate level of credibility of the project team would be validated manually;
    • You need to tell a super strong story of your project success;
    • You cannot start IEO processes without legal opinion.

Before being recommended to exchanges for IEO you would be willing to know the answers to the following questions:

  • Can I even do an IEO?
  • If I can do it, am I ready for an IEO?
  • Which exchange do I use?
  • What can stop me here?
  • What would be the expenses?

It is hard to get exchanges, as they get hundreds of listing requests daily. Hence, you would need to be patient while preparing and finding a perfect match in terms of an exchange to use.

What we can tell is that the first acquisitions on this super early, emerging market of blockchain technology are happening:

  • Binance, Bittrex, IDAX, LBank, CoinBene, Coineal, Digifinex, HitBtc have already launched their launchpads for IEO;
  • 20+ IEOs are published on ICObench today;
  • Over 50 IEOs have already happened!

“IEO is a very time sensitive and emerging crypto market niche to penetrate. You’ll want to make it happen in one shot, thus make sure you are ready for it 100%”

We spotted IEO early on

We have always been here looking into all possible options and ways to simplify project early-stage lifecycle!

What has been noted in the scope of our market research and development since November 2018:

  • The IEO topic raised in Korea in Autumn 2018, and started getting popular among Korean Exchanges;
  • Binance restarted IEO in February 2019 with the success of BitTorrent, from where this type of fundraising started to get popular;
  • In the last two months market got a slight understanding of what IEO is and what is needed to be successful there. There are still multiple questions based on lack of understanding of the process;
  • Based on the example of RAID project that lost its partnership with OP.GG several days before planned IEO on Bittrex, and eventually lost their right to run this IEO due to project credibility, we can say: “Today, Major Exchanges can provide a proper and in-depth analysis of a project. Potential Token buyers can get more explicit information about the reliability of a Startup, and reactions to malicious activities of the project team are easier to spot”.
  • The scope of the “must-have” project parts had significantly expanded since the days of hyped ICO market. The major metrics of project credibility today are:
    • B2B relations
    • reliable partnerships
    • technology determination;
    • detailed projects roadmap proving the potential to grow;
    • strong story to tell;
    • detailed and forward-looking projections of financial profitability;
    • And, of course, traction on social media channels among early adopters & investment community;

We analyzed Market trends and Tokenization Options for you

We have analyzed more than 2,000 concepts and researched more than 200 scenarios over the past 12 months.

It’s our full-time job to track innovators who are building blockchain products and key decision-makers in the enterprise world who are hunting for best use cases and avenues for blockchain adoption, as well as the technology to acquire further down the path.

Since January 2019, we have picked up our connections with Major Exchanges and gathered all required set of infographics to bring our projects to the table of IEO discussion.

To be honest with you, we discuss crowdfunding campaigns with our clients every day. We have been with projects since 2017, and have guided project teams in the bearish market of autumn 2018 and beginning of 2019.

Everything is telling us that after all we’ve seen – 2019 is the time to look for new ways of crowdfunding:

  • You will have competition that doesn’t sleep. Even though it’s early on, we have seen equally good teams starting similar products, and some of them have raised seed funding and Series A. The space will inevitably become more crowded.
  • 2019 is the year of first significant acquisitions. It’s already starting slowly, but as the first movers are making their bets, competitors will follow shopping for similar solutions only because that’s how markets work: large players follow each other in their strategic moves.
  • We are getting closer and closer to the point of mass adoption. It is yet too early to say that it is happening today, however we assume that by year 2030 distributed technologies and crypto currencies will be as common as 3G internet on your mobile phone in 2019.

What exactly is IEO Review and Recommendations?

  • We will get into the initial high-level review and validation for IEO
  • After the validation, we will introduce you to the Legal Advisor to find out the right path to IEO, and if this path is even available
  • A dedicated team of Business Analysts will review your materials for IEO in detail
  • We will set up an auditing campaign to get a deep understanding of your current situation, features, maturity, advantages, and potential vulnerabilities
  • To make your project more investment-ready, we will provide you with a set of recommendations for upgrades
  • We will emphasize points of attraction and will raise red flags for bottlenecks and pit-holes of the projects


  1. Internal Project Review Document.
  2. 360 Recommendations List.
  3. We may forward your project for exchange review in case if it is ready for IEO according to our assessment.


Set of use cases applicable for your startup enhancement

What Will Happen the Next Business Day After You Order?

  1. We will schedule a call with you to dive deep into your situation. The duration of the call could be as long as 2 hours if we need to focus on certain areas of potential explosion. If you cannot dedicate 2 hours in a one-time slot, we will schedule a follow-up call.
  2. After we have the call, we will set a timeline for preparation of an individualized blueprint for you (usually takes between 5 days and 3 weeks).


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