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Choosing the path to fundraising

If you run a company or startup at the early stages of development looking for a way of raising some funds then this offer is a good match for you. 

Currently, there are several options including IEO, STO, and ICO in the crypto environment. Each option goes with its pros and cons. 

Initial exchange offering is one of the most popular crowdfunding models as of today, as it provides a good level of security and is pretty simple within the process of launch. 

Security token offering is the best way to sell security tokens being backed with the real-world value represented in stocks, bonds, and shares allowing the dividend distribution to investors. 

How can we help you?

Our team of business analysts will analyze your project documentation and business model components in order to define the best-matching solution applicable to your exact situation. During the discovery session, we’ll elicit your current needs, problems, and intentions to find the appropriate solution for running the crowdfunding campaign.

What will you get?

  1. Discovery session call
  2. Q&A call with our recommendations 
  3. Document containing:
  • the description of possible solutions 
  • relative pros and cons
  • definition of the must-have actions or documents for each possible option

Blockchain Platform for Your Business

Blockchain implementation has become a widespread means of technological advancement. Blockchain appears to be an integral part of the modern business strategy, as it solves a range of common issues. Since you’ve decided to run your business on top of blockchain, you’ve probably come to the point when you have to choose the best matching platform. 

There exists a wide range of blockchains to choose from. To provide various options to cryptocurrency users as well as multi-purpose solutions and higher performance, a number of blockchain platforms have appeared, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Hyperledger, Graphene, IOTA, Stellar, and many others. All of these blockchains have a different approach to aspects of security, scalability, and performance. They also function on various consensus algorithms, providing support and functionality to various industry verticals.

Thus, in order to choose the right one, requirements regarding speed, scalability, security, and cost-efficiency should be taken into consideration.

How can we help you?

We’ll be happy to jump on a discovery call to find out your current situation and see whether there is a need for blockchain implementation. Along with that, we’ll discuss your platform’s needs and expectations to choose the most applicable option for you.

What will you get?

  1. Discovery session call
  2. Q&A call with our recommendations
  3. Document containing:
  • Our recommendations regarding blockchain implementation
  • A list of blockchain platforms that would solve the platform’s needs
  • Pros and cons overview of the proposed solution


* The offer is only applicable for projects that plan to launch their products or raising campaigns in 2020. We will award $1,000 only for those who have intentions of building further cooperation with us. Therefore, if you have any questions please contact us before getting the coupon. 


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