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Startup Acceleration Advisory

$425 / 3 months

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This service is only available to a limited amount of companies.

You are good if you received an invite from me for this service. If you have stumbled upon this page accidentally, please talk to us before purchasing the service as you will most probably just be refunded otherwise.

Hello 😉


I’m a serial entrepreneur, technology advisor and recently a founder of a VC/LP focused project called milestoneBased.

Due to the character of the business, I’m tightly engaged in the venture capital community.

Advisory Format

Quarterly advisory sessions following email chains and access to relevant materials, both pre-existing and compiled ad hoc for you by me and my team members.

The switch to monthly advisory sessions may be possible. Anything more frequent than that is usually unnecessary.

Why I am doing this

I have been in technology entrepreneurship for almost two decades now. Being both technically and business savvy, I was able to accelerate multiple companies to their successful leadership in their industries and geographies, exits or foreclosures.

I have accumulated a lot of resources I’m happy to share with you.

It’s worth noting I’m providing this advisory service due to my involvement in milestoneBased – our new product destined to drastically increase the success rate for startups and drive capital raising costs and organizational overheads to zero. 

(When our ultimate vision is implemented, entrepreneurs will have much easier access to capital, for less equity. In return, they’ll need to give something back: access to their ongoing traction data which will help build their unique entrepreneurial score.)

As such, my advisory for you is helping me improve and formalize my method, which I plan to put in the base of milestoneBased AI algorithm for startups roadmapping.




Roadmapping is a key method throughout the advisory engagement. 

We design a roadmap in the form of a graph of milestones letting you get from where you are to where you want to get.

With milestones being highly structured and typed instances, one can simply tell whether a company is moving with the right speed and in the right direction by easily benchmarking against industry average indicators: from the number of deals in the pipeline to the count of code lines in your software produced monthly.


Through roadmapping, we also spot high-level inconsistencies, obstacles or missing pieces in your grand entrepreneurial plan, building a more definite path to your success.

Our advisory is organized in a form of four quarterly sessions per year, between 1 and 2 hours each, with the email conversations between the session.


The goal of a session is to establish the roadmap and the interim goals for the next three months, as well as accountability of the previous quarter. 

Not only this advisory is cost-efficient and packed with value, but it’s also a great way to establish accountability for your commitments and is a great driver for your further acceleration!


Resources Available

While our time on the calls is limited, I’ll be sending multiple documents, templates, checklists and reading resources in these topics:

  1. Fund Raising
    • Lists of relevant investors – usually tailor-made
    • Messages and sequences
    • Pipeline management tips
    • Automation tips
    • Pitch deck feedback
  2. Advisory Board
    • Tips regarding the board candidates
    • Advisory agreement templates
  3. Business Development and Sales
    • Sales benchmarks
    • CRM setup tips & benchmarks
    • Sales force compensation structure
  4. Marketing
    • Marketing audit & checklists
    • Marketing benchmarks
  5. Technology
    • High-level code review
    • Software development reading list and tips
    • Templates and pre-existing boilerplate solutions


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