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Applicature’s Magic: How Triall Raised $2.4 million through a Successful IDO

How Triall Raised $2.4 million through a Successful IDO

The Triall project team understood the unique opportunity blockchain technologies offered to secure medical information and streamline clinical trials bringing drug companies, researchers, trial participants, and other stakeholders together. They wanted to build a full-fledged ecosystem based on Web 3.0 technologies. The team’s key challenge was to engage a large community of investors around their product, which they could not handle alone. This is the story of how Applicature helped Triall take their project to the next level and raise over $2.4 million and a large and engaged community for their IDO (Initial DEX Offering) 

Blockchain-based Clinical Trial Software Solution

Triall met the challenge of creating a tamper-resistant medical database based on blockchain infrastructure. They integrated Web 3.0 into the medical ecosystem and built the foundation of digital transformation of the clinical trial in a health industry that is often steeped in slow-moving regulations and rules.


Triall is on a mission to amplify the introduction of safe and affordable vaccines and therapeutics into society while streamlining clinical trial operations. It will make data and reports auditable and easily accessible to every party and a more effective system involved in the entire research process for new drugs. 

How Applicature Helped Triall Lead a Successful IDO

The Triall team wanted some expert help to conduct a successful IDO and optimize all their launch plan objectives. They turned to the blockchain venture accelerator Applicature for help. Applicature’s specialized team used knowledge and experience from over 100 IDOs, and a large database of investor and influencer relationships to create and successfully implement the IDO strategy for Traill.

Advisory and Development Services

Applicature’s development team did a full analysis and revised the conceptual design of the blockchain. They changed and improved the architectural features of the application. Applicature also upgraded the infrastructure of smart contracts to achieve all the goals of the solution. Applicature partially reloaded the existing tokenomics and improved the mechanics of the token economics plan. Applicature’s investor relations team recommended the expansion of the investment sources to further increase potential sales of tokens.

Partnership and Token Holder Community Building

Applicature took advantage of its investment connections and influencer networks to significantly expand the potential token holder audience. Many VCs such as Ferrum Networks were attracted to Trial through Applicature. Through assisting with marketing campaigns such as AMA (ask me anything) sessions, recommendations on new programs, influencer connections, and videos, the profile and awareness of the project to targeted audiences of DeFi investors was significantly enhanced. Also, Applicature Crypto VC company, Mempool Ventures, became an investor in the project.  

Advisory Work that’s Ongoing

Following a successful IDO, Applicature continues to work closely with Triall. Senior Partner of Applicature, Nathan Key, is still part of Triall’s advisory group and in touch with the team every two or three weeks to evaluate the project’s current performance and contribute additional partnerships or funding relationship opportunities. 

Applicature is always focused on building long-term relationships, and client partners become members of our larger community. Through this, we leverage a large ecosystem of promising and valuable projects that can attract investment and expand by helping each other as well. 

IDO Results

The Applicature team helped raise $2.4 million for Triall through the careful planning and execution of the IDO. Successful implementation of an aggressive marketing strategy and Applicature’s efforts to attract additional sources of funding made this incredible result come true.

During the marketing campaign, more than 33,000 subscribers were attracted to Triall’s Twitter, Telegram, and other social media channels. Before the IDO, the Triall had about 20,000 active followers. Applicature helped to create an effective ecosystem that has significantly increased the interest in the project. Thanks to the combination of these actions, Applicature helped to attract close to 80% of the total number of investors participating in the Initial DEX offering.

Applicature continues to cooperate with Triall and provide necessary assistance for the further development of the project.

About Applicature

Applicature is a company builder and accelerator in the blockchain space. Our global team has helped over 300 founders to successfully incubate and scale their businesses since 2017. 


We partner with our clients providing full service blockchain development, marketing, funding, key relationship development, and advisory services to accelerate growth. We also incubate and scale our own growing portfolio of companies.  Leverage our expertise and large community to help your startup grow. Contact us at Applicature to successfully grow your blockchain startup.

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