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How CryptoXpress Raised a $1.7 million IDO with the help of Applicature

How CryptoXpress Raised a $1.7 million IDO with the help of Applicature

The experienced team at  CryptoXpress understood the potential of bringing mobile banking, crypto and NFTs together in a unique mobile app.  They knew they needed to be building a community around their product and their token quickly, but could not implement this entirely on their own. This is the story of how Applicature helped CryptoXpress with the strategy and execution of building an engaged community and raising over $1.7M through their IDO  (Initial DEX Offering) in a few short months. 

CryptoXpress: The Digital Bridge Between the Crypto World and Everyday Life

CryptoXpress is a crypto exchange and an NFT marketplace built into a single application. The team has created a user framework enabling an NFT marketplace, buy and trade crypto, connect your digital bank card, plus a lot more for a comprehensive crypto and fiat financial services experience on your phone . Future services include loyalty programs and special merchandise and offers exclusively for their user community. 

CryptoXpress Challenges and Objectives

In July of 2021, ​​CryptoXpress had reached an important level of development of their prototype product and were ready to start the process of launching their XPRESS token. But the project team needed a partner who could help them with the strategy and planning for a successful token launch,  building further growth capital to improve the product and build users.. 

The project teamed up with Applicature, a leading blockchain venture accelerator, to create and implement their IDO launch and growth strategy. Applicature specialists helped prepare the team for the sale of project’s token at all major Private Sale and Pre-Sales stages and at the launch of the IDO.

.As part of the collaboration, Applicature used a wide range of existing connections and marketing opportunities to attract potential investors. Applicature restructured the token economy model and introduced CryptoXpress  to influencer and investor  partners, including launchpads and market makers

How Applicature Helped 

Applicature helped CryptoXpress reposition in the marketplace, refine existing marketing plans, and create a plan for  IDO launch momentum. Then work began on a marketing strategy and execution to expand the project’s community.

Launchpads, Partnership, and Token Holder Community

One of the most important conditions for a successful IDO is the creation of a large and engaged community and establishment of partnerships including the search for Launchpads. Applicature provided introductions and planning for the IDO on LaunchPads such as TrustPad and Prostarter, plus additional market maker introductions and other partners. The goal was to help  CryptoXpress create a large and interested community of investors for their  IDO.

Influencer Marketing. Content Marketing and AMAs

Applicature led collaboration with crypto influencers along  with CryptoXpress. We did various activities like AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions several times a week. We advised and worked collaboratively with the company several times a week on execution of press releases, announcements,  content marketing and social media. It enabled a dramatic  increase in the audience and interest in the product. This provided an exclusive opportunity to turn retail DeFi users into investors through various influencer and AMA communities. As a result, this opened awareness about the company, the product,  and the IDO to the large crypto community of potential users and token holders. 

Crypto VCs

We have a large list of trusted big cheque VC investors through our well established strategic partnership community. Applicature was also proud to be part of the group of first investors to invest  in CryptoXpress. We facilitated introductions through Applicature’s investment arm and Crypto VC—Mempool Ventures.

CryptoXpress IDO Results

Adarsh Singh, Founder of CryptoXpress said,

“Applicature has been a key pillar in accelerating CryptoXpress, and their world-class team is by far one of the best in the FinTech sector. Their ability to work closely with startup teams and guide them through successful product and service launches while enhancing project capabilities through their professional networks is best-in-class.  Their team is highly intelligent, professional, and humble. They were absolutely critical to enabling CryptoXpress’ delivery of its digital assets vision to the world and amplifying its messaging to global audiences.”

The implementation of our strategic marketing approach resulted in a large and engaged community for CryptoXpress from all over the global crypto space. As a result of these efforts including investors, influencers, marketing support, and other partnerships,  Applicature helped CryptoXpress raise $1.7 million through their IDO.

Our holistic approach and advice on building a social media community were also key. We help the company increase their  following to over 50,000 engaged members on their socials.

The partners we introduced are still working closely with CryptoXpress to help them scale their project and they continue to offer support. This will enhance global adoption as CryptoXpress continues  user rollout of their mobile banking, crypto and NFT app to Europe to other regions of the world.  

About Applicature

Applicature is a company builder and accelerator in the blockchain space. Our global team has helped over 300 founders to successfully incubate and scale their businesses since 2017. 

We partner with our clients providing full service blockchain development, marketing, funding, key relationship development, and advisory services to accelerate growth. We also incubate and scale our own growing portfolio of companies.  Leverage our expertise and large community to help your startup grow. Contact us at Applicature to successfully grow your blockchain startup.

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