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It all starts with understanding your business and potential customers’ personas. We define interests, values and what “language” they speak to create the perfect approach that will get attention, engage and convert.

We upload ICOs on all popular listings and get high ratings to gain more visibility and community trust. Sometimes, it can get quite tricky to achieve high ratings. At Applicature, we know all the tricks.

To ensure full engagement from the investment community around your brand and elicit resonance from adopters, idea supporters, and brand ambassadors, Applicature creates image-rich content on media, platforms, and blogs relevant to specific industries. It is crucial to deliver messages to your audience about product-building and team workflow.

Our marketing experts collaborate with mainstream media and influencers in the blockchain world, distributing content on major forums and platforms. We engage ICO aggregators and opinion leaders as your project’s newsbreakers. We make sure that once we are ready for traffic campaigns, users will not have any remaining questions about the company, and the conversion rate will be significantly higher.

A sophisticated approach to traffic campaigns lets Applicature generate high-quality traffic for clients and partners. We focus on bringing leads, investors, early adopters, product users, and potential partners.

Your website is the very first thing your potential clients and partners see. This is their first impression, and there is no second chance. Applicature’s UX and traffic teams create proper website funnels and set up conversion points where your website will engage potential leads. Proper language, visuals, and website flow bring top customer experience and conversion.

“It’s not about what to say, it is about how to say it.”

Starting with social media comments, short messages, and emails, and moving on to profound expert long reads for blogs and top-tier media: this is what the Applicature content development team will handle for you. Our content is interesting to consume and readers come back for more, thereby creating more engagement with your product.

Support from leading ICO experts and opinion leaders will definitely strengthen your loyalty and credibility. Cutting-edge research from opinion leaders in the market is integrated with our PR schedule. Our marketing experts identify influencers in the blockchain-related sphere and focus marketing activities on collaboration with them.

What is more important in marketing than knowing what really works — and knowing what doesn’t work? Close, careful analytics using both popular tools and Applicature’s in-house resources allows us to attain the lowest customer acquisition cost possible with the highest return on investment. Analytics lets us spend less and get more.

Not all converted leads are lost. We still have chances to bring them back. Building a proper email marketing campaign based upon trigger events and a 360-degree approach increases conversion rates and lowers expenses. Our email marketing is targeted not only to convert more leads, but also to arrange upsells and make customers come back to purchase more.

Event marketing is a strategic goal for becoming an influencer in your specific area. To boost community growth and occupy a position of power in front of investors, we organize meetups and pitch sessions for investors and industry-related startups. The next step, and it’s no less important, is further engagement with the community: live streams, photo/video reports, token distribution during the events, email marketing, etc.

The easiest way to comprehend information is through visuals. Video combines both visuals and sound. This tool is the best way to send the proper message to the community and plant the proper idea in the viewer’s mind. Instructional, emotional, traffic-targeted videos are built from scratch to the final product.

Applicature has built very strong professional relations with top Eastern and Western conventional and crypto investors. We are happy to bring selected projects to Asia’s Top 100 investors in Hong Kong, Seoul, and Singapore, with average successful investment of $3,000,000 per roadshow. Of course, Silicon Valley funds are important to project development, as they bring connections, image, and stronger positioning. Working with a $280,000,000 hedge fund, we are ready to introduce the best of our ICOs and projects to over 150 conventional investors. This makes your market access smoother and faster.

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Arranging meetings and pitch stages in Asia and Sillicon Valley.

Influencer Marketing

Have top opinion leaders of blockchain world involved in your project!

Traffic Campaigns

Aquire leads and investors. No block can stop us. Our own investor list!

Key Value Drivers

Understanding the Market

The team involves all Applicature resources. Such as consulting and analytics team. Getting all available data in our hands helps to step ahead all other ICOs and put your company over the top.

Dedicated in-house Team

Our in-house team will impress you with deep expertise, devotion and work pace. Speed and quality ratio is the key to success

Combined Approach

Combining blockchain marketing with product marketing to get best results possible before handing your ICO to investor relation department.

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Ivan Novosiolov

Head of Marketing Department

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10+ years marketing experience. Successful campaigns and strategy implementation in multiple various industries. One of the creators of cycleble marketing for tech companies.

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